JVC Camcorders Get 120fps Firmware Update!


Our reader Andy Urtu alerted us to the firmware updates for the JVC prosumer camcorder line which add among other improvements the 120fps high speed video mode at full 1080p 1920*1080 resolution to the popular camera line. Thanks Andy!

The three cameras that get this capability are the GY-LS300, the GY-HM200 and finally the GY-HM170 Camcorder.  It is great to see JVC catering to their customers by adding such important features and free in this case if you purchased one of these cameras.

The Firmware updates for these cameras a re listed below:

GY-LS300 Camcorder

Firmware version 3.0 (April 2016) is now available. Adds 120fps HD recording mode for slow motion.

GY-HM200 Camcorder

Firmware version 3.0 (April 2016) is now available. Increases LCD display brightness adds 120fps mode.

GY-HM170 Camcorder

Firmware version 3.0 (April 2016) is now available. Increases LCD display brightness.

The quality of the 120fps is quite good, you can see the sample video by JVC of the GY-HM200 shooting at 120fps below.

JVC GY-HM200 120fps demonstration Video:

To make it more interesting, all three JVC Camcorders are on sale and are pretty great value considering they are all 4k Capable cameras and now the 120fps mode makes it that much more capable.  If you were looking for a pretty well rounded camcorder with decent features and audio input that does some higher frame rates; this is  a pretty good option.

Adorama Camera current deals for the JVC GY camcorders:

GY-LS300 Adorma deal $2995, down from $3995.


GY-HM200  Adorma deal $1,995, down from $2,495.


GY-HM170 Adorma deal $1,295, down from $1,795.


If you own these camcorders please share your 120fps footage in the comments below by just copying and pasting the link for others to see. Thank you!


Thanks to reader Werner for the link to the video sample above!

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6 thoughts on “JVC Camcorders Get 120fps Firmware Update!”

  1. JVC has announced a new slow motion recording upgrade for the GY-LS300 4KCAM handheld Super 35 camcorder. Available via a free firmware upgrade in a few weeks, the slow motion mode records HD footage at up to 120 frames per second

  2. I just updated the firmware and can’t set the 120fps mode. The highest option I have is 60p. Any ideas?

    1. I’m trying to understand how 120/60p setting in high speed format is 120fps.
      still 60p???
      that is the setting there is no 120p

      1. Make sure you have the latest firmware installed. Then it will be able to shoot at 120fps. Also, 120/60p may refer to the way the video is encoded. It is still recording at 120fps but saved as a 60fps video speed. Reduce the video speed to 30fps or by 50% in your editor timeline to see the real 120fps slow motion.

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