Mediatek Shows Off 480fps FHD Sample Video!

Mediatek posted a video a few days ago showing the 480fps Full HD capability of it’s  MT6795 chip.  It shows the clip at regular speed then at 120fps and then finally at 480fps full HD.  As to the quality some speculate the footage is not shot by a Phone but from a real high speed camera. We think it is shot by the phone but edited and sweetened in post to look as good.

The hTC A55 which will be announced in the beginning of March will sport the chip and the required 20MP camera sensor for slow motion.  As to the 480fps feature we can only speculate as there has been no firm info that the phone will sport it.  We will be looking closely.

Many think that a phone cannot record full HD at those speeds because of the processing and bandwidth needed but rest assured most higher end phones already are capable of recording these high frame rates and even higher. The two stumbling blocks have been a high speed capable sensor and a fast + deep volatile memory module to store the data before encoding.  The Mediatek concept phone fixed both those limitations and if the hTC A55 is the first phone to sport those changes it will be a feature that will separate it from the pack and lots of video enthusiasts might gravitate to it.

Stay tuned, March will be an interesting month for high speed video.

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6 thoughts on “Mediatek Shows Off 480fps FHD Sample Video!”

    1. Mediatek makes phone chips and interfaces and does not actually produce handsets. They are showing a reference design for manufacturers to build upon. However as with any smartphone when the technology is adopted it can go from $100-200 on a two year contract and possibly without contract under $800. We expect the announcement of phones sporting this technology in March. Stay Tuned!

  1. Is it not down to the sensor whether or not the phone can do 480fps? The new IMX240 sensor used in the Galaxy S6 is capped to 120fps @ 720p, and most phones tend to use Sony sensors.

    1. Yes, the Mediatek Demo hardware used Sony IMX220 last year. You need a sensor like that to make it capable. That sensor is the one in the HTC One M9 and possibly included in the Mediatek HTC One E9 which is the best bet to carry the feature for this manufacturer. The E9 will ship in China only according to rumors.

        1. Phones that have the helios x10 chip have already shipped to a lot of countries. However none as of now have adopted the 480fps feature. There is a start up called ONO that claims it’s phone will do it but we are yet to see if it is real or just a hoax of some kind. Do a search for Ono u1 on this site or Google!

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