Vacation Time Back September 8th


We are taking a little “vacation/camera testing” time until September 8th so we will not be updating the site until then.  However we gathered a few cool slowmo videos to keep you entertained until we get back.  Thanks as always for your support!

“girl on fire” by Michael Sutton:

Top 30 Explosions In Slow Motion – Real Life Exploding Compilation – by Slow Mo Lab:

Match Head Bomb at 2500fps – by The Slow Mo Guys:

Lighting a Candle Without Touching – by The Slow Mo Guys:

Hummingbird Tongues in Stunning Slow Motion by UConn:


Epic lightning during firework display captured in slow motion. by JukinVideo:

Ferro Fluid Clock In Slow Motion by  :

Thanks again for your support of HSC you have made this site possible against all odds.  See you soon!

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