fps1000 First Footage and Ready for Production!


Warning: The parent company of FPS cameras “The Slow Motion Camera Company Ltd.” went out of business and entered liquidation proceedings. No further development of cameras is expected. More information here on Google Search

Today fps1000 has released an update that shows the camera working with LCD touch functions and playback along with visible live three color histogram and frame advance display.  Also the cameras are feature complete when it comes to hardware for the Silver, Gold and Platinum models. Software will continue to be improved as time goes on but the main standard use features are complete. Record, Trim and Playback are already in there along with a full player and scrub feature with capacitive touch fluidity.

The cameras will have to go through CE and FCC for Electro Magnetic Compatibility testing EMC before being shipped to comply with regulations in the US and Europe. This is to rule out interference problems and emission of radio waves above pre-defined limits.  A Camera like the fps1000 should pass certification easily as there is no Wifi module in there.  The camera will emit some radiation from the LCD and electronics but should pass with flying colors.

fps1000 Update as Follows by Graham Rowan:

“Finally the testing is over. Production and deliveries can commence.

Thank you all for bearing with me over the past few months. This was a necessary wait to ensure that when cameras are shipped they give you the pleasure of using them that you all deserve.

The camera has had a lot of intensive testing. Not just on the workbench under analysis but in real use. I’ve really enjoyed playing with it and adding features that we as users will need. I will be revealing some of these features over the coming weeks as I produce more videos.

The final approval step before mass production begins is EMC approvals – these are the CE and FCC certifications that are required before I can deliver any cameras. This is booked for this coming Monday. Hopefully all will be ok – if there are any problems then I don’t expect any major rework.

I am well prepared for manufacturing and throughput should be fairly speedy. I expect to be shipping out cameras by the end of the month.

There is already a rich set of functionality in the camera but software development will be an ongoing process and I hope to include more features by the time shipment begins. In any case you will be able to download any updates from my forthcoming website.

I will be posting some full resolution files produced by the camera soon. However, in the meantime here are a couple of clips of the camera in action to keep you going. These are shot directly from the LCD on the camera and are not representative of the quality of video that the camera produces. “

Sample videos of the fps1000 Platinum in action below; You will have to click and visit Vimeo to see them as they are restricted only for viewing at the site.

Sample Video 1 -Butterflies and Scrubbing the Clip:


Sample Video 2 -Swans:


HSC’s Take:

It is clear from the footage that the camera is ready for production. Even with the limited resolution from recording of the LCD screen it is sharp and detail is there. Gone are the soft images from the initial Pre Production units from the Kickstarter campaign.  The camera also has a built in IR filter to color correct if needed.  It is fitted according to the order and will be included separately in the package if not fitted from the initial factory assembly.  It is not clear what shutter speed was used but an estimation is 1/500 hence the motion blur apparent on the motion.

The fps1000 first footage shows 500fps on the Platinum model of the camera. The Silver Gold and Platinum initial models are expected to be shipped at the end of October if all goes well which means Backers might start posting footage in early November.  For purchasers of the higher end models as the double platinum, Hex and 4k it will be determined in a later update when these models will be ready for assembly and delivery.

The Images now are saved as PNG Image sequences in RAW format, there will be a compressed format option like H.264 in a future software release.  RAW However will retain the utmost possible quality as all the data captured is retained. The software includes clip trimming before the sequence is saved so you can choose the action or most usable data before saving the camera buffer. This will be shown in a later update as well.



Things will be heating up in the fps1000 camp very soon and we hope to have another update in a few weeks maybe earlier.  The camera is now a reality and manufacturing can commence.   For the Kickstarter backers that believed in the project since the start this is vindication of their support and patience, for people just getting to know the project it now stands as a real product that can be ordered.  Graham Rowan has proved that his vision could be completed and that the promises that were initially made have been exceeded for the most part.  Until it’s in backer hands it is still not done but it is getting ever closer. Congratulations on the effort.

You can learn more about the fps1000 and Pre Order One here!

Stay tuned for more information on the fps1000 in the near future. Thanks for reading! -HSC

Disclaimer: HSC is not affiliated with fps1000 or compensated in any way from covering the camera. All issues with orders, delivery, shipping or tech support are to be taken with fps1000 directly we only cover the news here at HSC!

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16 thoughts on “fps1000 First Footage and Ready for Production!”

  1. I was thinking of pre-ordering the Platinum. Did you pre-order it as well? Do you think there will be any customs or extra charges since this is being shipped from U.K. to U.S.? I live in the U.S. by the way.

    1. We ordered the 4k Platinum, we do not know at this time if there will be customs charges, but reserve some spare cash just in case.

      If the item is for personal use and under $2500 US dollars it may have no customs fee. Read the following link:


      However it is unclear at this time how it will be handled. Shippers like DHL or Fedex handle paperwork and if there is a charge you will have to cover it before it is delivered.

      1. I heard DHL, UPS and Fedex are more likely to charge extra charges. How much cash should we reserve for customs?

        1. You should contact fps1000 about this as only they know the estimated tax. They still have to pass FCC certification so it ships to the US. We have paid anywhere from 2% to 18% of the cost of imported items if that is of any use.

          1. I read the Customs rules, and I heard that cameras are duty free. Is that true? Are there any other charges other than Duty that U.S. buyers should be aware about?

          2. Since you have had experience with paying for taxes on imported goods, what was the process? Do they bill you after the shipment arrives or do they hold the shipment for you until you pay the import taxes? Was this on cameras?

          3. We have paid the importer in this case DHL in the past as they will not release the product until duties are payed. It is unclear how much or if any tax will be due on these cameras. That info will come from Graham Rowan himself once they are ready to ship. It seems next week he will give a new update on the camera.

          4. It was astronomical astrophotography equipment, which got taxed 15%. There is no telling what if any rate it will be for the fps1000.

          5. Research says that there should be no duty for cameras. Even Graham replied to me about that through e-mail. However, there might be a state tax.

  2. Oh okay. I just hope it isn’t too much. The customs charges might be the reason why U.S. buyers are wary of per-ordering. I wonder if Edgertronic will respond back. If only the Edgertronic were a bit more portable and had an lcd screen, I would buy it.

  3. Have you guys received yours yet to start a review?

    I’m incredibly excited to see what I consider the first high fps camera within reach for semi-pro users. If Graham can realise his promises he has to prepare to sell ten thousands of fps1000’s. Hopefully that will also make him reconsider increasing the prices by such a big amount between the kickstarter and release.

    It’s time to be wary to see if the promises are delivered on. If there are a few problems like mediocre light sensitivity it can be fixed by the user. But major hardware issues or undesirabilities could ruin his whole project.

    1. They are still being finished and our model the 4k will not ship first but after the basic gold silver and platinum basic models are out there. The 4k will also need a m43 mount instead of a C mount. There are a lot of things that could go wrong but Graham seems to have overcome the pitfalls so far. It will be a matter of in field testing to see how good they perform and what kind of performance can be extracted from the sensor/memory combinations. We are ever closer to having that answer. Hang tight!

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