OnePlus 6T Official Slow Motion Video Released!

OnePlus 6T Slow Motion Dog

OnePlus has released the official OnePlus 6T slow motion 480fps promotional video with high production values. It is all shot with the phone and while you can see the jaggies and edge artifacts from resolution loss, it offers pretty compelling color and dynamic range for a phone.  The 3.75 second rec time at 480fps turns out 1800frames or 30-sec playback at 30fps.

The OnePlus6 & 6T which offer essentially the same camera and high fps component are in the running for our slow-motion phone of the year along with the close competition from the Samsung Note 9 and Galaxy S9. However, the usefulness of the OnePlus 6 devices with much more recording allowance is a very big differentiator that in reality should impact your purchase decision much more than 960fps.

OnePlus 6T Official Slow Motion Video:

OnePlus 6T – Slow-motion magic by OnePlus:


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2 thoughts on “OnePlus 6T Official Slow Motion Video Released!”

  1. When you stop the YT clip for close inspection at several moments and look at the boundaries of moving objects there seems to be a blurry layer. In contrast to 0:35 sec when the guy is pushing a drink towards you, then everything seems to be sharp.
    Anyway I am happy to see that the 480 fps slow motion technology for devices under $1000 is catching up.

    1. That blurry frame is probably caused by the Youtube keyframe interpolation for h.264 encoding. If the phonecwas interpolating frames we would see this on every couple of frames as garbled ghosts. Good catch Klaus. Good to see phones getting more serious with frame rates.

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