Slow Motion News & Footage July!

Slow Motion News

July is typically a slow month for hardware news but there are still several things happening on the slow motion front that deserves your attention. We have gathered a series of information and footage that is becoming viral with the help of slow motion imaging.

A fairly new Youtube Channel “9 Months old” is gaining momentum by filming a 60,000PSI water jet cutter slicing through all sorts of objects.  We are very impressed with the results of the Waterjet Channel and what they have been able to film in such a short time. They just broke 300k subscribers which is no easy feat.  We share their latest video and urge you to subscribe in order to support their endeavors.

Exploding Skateboard Wheels With A 60,000 PSI Waterjet Slow Motion Waterjet Channel:

Chronos 1.4 News:

The first draft of the Chronos 1.4 high-speed camera Manual is now online and you can follow the thread at the official Krontech forum here! Still a work in progress but very useful nonetheless and gets a lot of guesswork out of using the camera.

There was also a new production update relating to the second batch of cameras below:

Chronos 1.4 Production Update #7 

Hey Guys,

Update on the normal batch production.

Hoping to start assembly around the middle of July, and ship to all backers over the next two weeks.

Things are taking longer than expected. This time it’s due to business growing pains, and a few long lead time parts. But overall we are making great progress as a new business. We have hired more hands to help speed things along. We are working at full speed to get these camera out in to the world.

The scope of this next batch has increased as we’ve continued to get a steady stream of pre-orders from the web store. Based on the current pre-order numbers, and including some extra units so we can have stock available afterwards, we’re going to be building 300 cameras in this batch to avoid this situation in the future.

Now that we have some experience with assembly time for the last batch, we’ve realized that building the next batch in-house isn’t going to work time-wise, it would take almost 2 months for assembly and testing, after all the parts had arrived. As a result, we’re contracting out the camera final assembly to a local electronics manufacturer, who will be able to have 4 or more full time staff assembling cameras. This should cut down the batch assembly time to about 2 weeks. Which means you’ll be seeing your camera sooner than expected.

The downside is that setting up with the contractor has taken time away from other aspects such as parts ordering, software updates, user manual, etc. which have fallen behind. The supplier was optimistic that one of the parts, the FPGA, would be in faster than they originally predicted. Parts ordering has been slower than expected as we’re transitioning to a dedicated purchaser. Operating a project of this size is a learning experience but now that we have learned our lesson, we will have a much smoother operation in the future. All in all, we have a larger volume of parts and ordering that is putting a damper on speedy assembly. But be assured that we have a plan in place to get past our speed bumps.

Now that we are at the cusp of completing the orders for Kickstarter, we have begun to envision and plan for the future of Kron Technologies. We have updates for Chronos and new products on the way. This journey has just begun and we look forward to having all of you here from the beginning. We would not have made it this far without your support and contributions. Just be patient for a little while longer and be assured that everything is being done to reduce the time between now and when the camera is in your hands.

Thanks for your patience! – Krontech!

Video Sample – Chronos 1.4 Footage Compilation by DerpykV:

Slow Mo Guys are at it again with a hillarious blooper near the end of the video, worth a laugh:

Submerged inside a 6ft Water Balloon – The Slow Mo Guys 4K The Slow Mo Guys:

More Slow Motion Videos:

3 tips when shooting SLOW MOTION for beginners by Sheldon Evans:

Paul Dinning has created a beautiful Birds of Summer video that treads near relaxation for 1 hr shot on higher frame rates. We suspect the video is shot at 1080p 60fps with the Panasonic HC V750 Camcorder and slowed down to 1080p 30 or a 2x slow motion result.  Audio is also slowed down by a factor of two.  If you need an escape from stress this is your video.

The Birds of Summer : Beautiful Video and Bird Sounds – Filmed in Slow Motion by Paul Dinning:

The zero project channel specializing in music and visuals has released a video titled Slow Motion which also represents the track title. It is unclear if they shot all of this footage or just used it from a compilation of sources. Still worth a look!

zero-project: Slow motion by zero project:

That is all for now, enjoy – HSC

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