Sony FS5 240fps Full HD Camera Gets $750 Price drop!

Sony FS5The original Sony FS5 not the Mark II which does 240fps and 120fps full HD recording with excellent quality as well as 4k 240fps with an external recorder has dropped in price precipitously. The -$750 price drop makes the camera only $3,498 for the body only which is now competitive with pro SLRs and higher-end mirrorless cameras.

The FS5 camera has been used in productions all over the world and it is a favorite of many videographers for its form factor and dependability. We like it here at HSC by retaining the 10th position on our guide with excellent quality 120fps and 240fps full HD 1080p and pristine quality in 4k 240fps using a recorder like the Atomos Shogun series. The camera also allows 480fps and 960fps @ 1920*270px for short bursts much like the Sony RX series but slightly behind in quality to those latest cameras in those higher modes. Is an FS5 Mark III getting ready to launch or just end of product life rebates?

Sony FS5 Slow Motion Video Samples:

Here are a few video samples from the Sony FS5 that may help you see if this camera fits your needs in higher frame rates.  There is no denying that the FS5 is a professional tool capable of greatness in the right hands. -HSC

Sony PXW-FS5 Slow Motion Comparison by KBS visuals:

Track and Field Slowed Down | Sony FS5 RAW 2K 240FPS by DIY ProFilms:

SONY PXW-FS5 Slow motion 240FPS world!!! by Yuya yamamoto:

Shogun Inferno & Sony FS5 Setup for High Frame Rate Recording by ATOMOS:

Sony FS5 + DJI Ronin M Footage (240 FPS) – Tettagouche State Park by IkeyTV:

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4 thoughts on “Sony FS5 240fps Full HD Camera Gets $750 Price drop!”

  1. If a new FS5 cam is around the corner with improved slow motion specs it might allow an upgrade in their consumer camera department. A quick look at the HSC camera guide shows that many of the Sony cameras share now the same 250fps @ 1,824×1,026 setting which was introduced by the RX100 IV already back in 2015 albeit with half the recording time. I really hope that Sony will improve their cameras to have better resolution at higher frame rates in 2019.

    1. Sony has the technology to have at least 480fps in full 1080p in RX series and up to 1000fps 1080p in phones. Let’s hope they move ahead and push these specs.

  2. Hello,
    you talk about the camera fs5 has 240 fps in 4k, is this a reality or a mistake, because if it turns in 4k I am very interested, and in this case could you give me some explanations about the material to pass to arrive at this, because the professionals in France have all replied that this is only in 2k, thanks for your response, my apologies for my language I write with a translator.

    1. You need to record to an external RAW recorder to achieve the 4k 240p, Sony and Atomos provide solutions that can do this but it is not cheap and you need a fast ssd disk. In camera is only 2k.

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