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Rife-App Creates Higher frame Rates 25x Faster!

A few months back we took a look at Dain app, and how it was able to use AI and machine learning to create in between frames from almost any source footage and create something that looked and felt like real footage taken with higher fps cameras.  The algorithm was so revolutionary that it took the world by storm, making older software that used re-timing from Adobe and others look antiquated and underpowered.  The Dain-App was great and it was a pay what you want App but had an Achilles heel. The software required a powerful Nvidia GPU with as much VRAM as you could muster to be able to convert footage and re-time it.  

The new Rife-App which is the direct successor of Dain App by the creator GRisk is up to 25x faster than the original, improves the algorithm, and by many examples betters it by creating more seamless transitions. The flow of frames is frankly jaw-droppingly beautiful, especially on low frame rate animation.   We estimate that Animation studios in 2D will eat this app up immediately, and even 3D animation studios could reduce their render times by calculating fewer frames and using Rife-App to increase them to 24p, 30p or 60p from a lower source like 20fps or 12fps.   → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Sony RX100 VA Is Now Available Worldwide!

Sony RX100 VA

Sony has decided to release the RX100 VA worldwide and it effectively replaces the RX100 V production line. The new camera will have a better EVF refresh, modern Autofocus with improved tracking and a larger buffer of 233 images.  We considered the newly announced RX100 VI camera to be just a longer lens version of the RX100 V but with an increased price tag.  That camera does have a touchscreen and the reach but the fans of the faster f1.8-f2.8 lens of the RX100 V now can get a more up to date version.

We favor the RX100 VA to all other RX100 cameras as the $999 price tag is more in line with the segment. If you already own an RX100 V camera there is no reason to get a VA version as there will not be any improvement to the slow-motion component which is already one of the best out there.

Sony RX100 VA More Info:

The RX100 camera line now looks like this:

Out of the RX100 line, we believe the RX100 VA is the best value as you get the faster lens with improved electronics for the 315 AF points and larger stills buffer. For slow motion, you need better light and the faster lens allows that.  The RX100 VI long lens 24mm-200mm equivalent will be $200 more and only have the touchscreen as the separating factor.  The image quality and slow motion HFR modes should be identical. The cameras share the exact same sensor and software.

RX100 VA Sony’s Take:

“Tweaking an already stellar pocket-sized camera, the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 VA Digital Camera improves on the RX100 V by increasing the buffer size to 233 images, reducing display lag time in the electronic viewfinder, and adding several other upgrades. With the 20.1MP 1″ Exmor RS BSI CMOS sensor, the RX100 VA can output detailed images at up to ISO 12800.”

The comparison below shows that besides the long lens and touch screen, the RX100 VA is essentially the same camera and shares the same capabilities for photo and video.

Sony RX100 VA vs Sony RX100 VI Comparison Specs by DSLR VS:

So all in all the RX100 VA at $999 is the best value RX camera that Sony has ever made considering it’s performance.  Unless you find an RX100 V for under $600 we recommend the RX100 VA instead. You can find good bundled deals below at Amazon for these cameras. -HSC

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