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Rife-App Creates Higher frame Rates 25x Faster!

A few months back we took a look at Dain app, and how it was able to use AI and machine learning to create in between frames from almost any source footage and create something that looked and felt like real footage taken with higher fps cameras.  The algorithm was so revolutionary that it took the world by storm, making older software that used re-timing from Adobe and others look antiquated and underpowered.  The Dain-App was great and it was a pay what you want App but had an Achilles heel. The software required a powerful Nvidia GPU with as much VRAM as you could muster to be able to convert footage and re-time it.  

The new Rife-App which is the direct successor of Dain App by the creator GRisk is up to 25x faster than the original, improves the algorithm, and by many examples betters it by creating more seamless transitions. The flow of frames is frankly jaw-droppingly beautiful, especially on low frame rate animation.   We estimate that Animation studios in 2D will eat this app up immediately, and even 3D animation studios could reduce their render times by calculating fewer frames and using Rife-App to increase them to 24p, 30p or 60p from a lower source like 20fps or 12fps.   → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Lumia Phones Will Now Have Slow Motion!


Due to overwhelming user requests Microsoft has finally added with an update to its Windows 10 Camera app the ability to shoot slow-motion video on some Lumia smartphones. The feature is not terribly groundbreaking as it is limited for now to 120 fps at 720p resolution. However this may open the door to higher frame rates like 240p and 480p in future devices as now the feature is not completely ignored. Windows 10 Phone users rejoice, well until the platform fully launches in the near future.

Microsoft: “Slow-motion video has been one of the most frequent requests we hear from people using the Camera app on Windows Phone and Windows 10,” Microsoft says. “So, we’re happy to announce that you can now capture slow-motion video with Camera for Windows 10.”

Windows 10 Phones supported for now:

  • Lumia 930 – Confirmed
  • Lumia 1520  – Confirmed
  • Lumia Icon  – Confirmed
  • Lumia 950 – Estimated to be supported
  • Lumia 950 XL  – Estimated to be supported

Microsoft Workflow: “To adjust your clips, select Edit slow motion when viewing the video in the Photos app,” “Trim your videos and play some parts back in normal speed and other parts in slow motion. Select Super slow to dramatically highlight a specific part of the video.”

Activation of slow motion video on the camera App is done by pressing the cute and simplified Turtle icon.   It does convey slowness as an icon and it sure beats Slow-mo or some text descriptor like on other platforms.

As to even older phones being supported it is all up in the air for now but it is encouraging to see Microsoft entering the slow motion portable device arena with a retro active update for some phones.  Remember it is a matter of hardware and software coupled with a capable sensor to do slow motion so support on your device will depend on those factors.   Now lets wait for Lumia phones to get to 240fps to get real interesting!

Interpolation: The windows camera app will let you slow the video even further via interpolation to 480fps like the samples below but these are not real frames as the maximum for now is 720p at 120fps.

Slow Motion Windows 10 Mobile 120fps / 480 fps Lumia 930 part 1 by My Windows Mobile:

Slow Motion Windows 10 Mobile 120fps / 480 fps Lumia 930 part 2 by My Windows Mobile:

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