Terra 4k Firmware Update Allows 320fps 2k!

Terra 4k Firmware UpdateThe Kinefinity Terra 4k camera which starts at $3,999 body only and a ready to shoot package at $5,499 has now released information of a new firmware upgrade that will be released in May of this year which increases the slow-motion capabilities of the camera markedly.   The camera was no slouch before when it came to frame rates which had 240fps at 2k and 100fps at 4k.  It actually records in RAW and has excellent quality with no moire and aliasing since it is effectively cropping the sensor area to get a 1:1 pixel read-out for the slow mo.

For this low a price you really have no viable options that shoot these frame rates in excellent quality except for the recently announced Chronos 2.1 HD which does 1000fps at 1080p in DNG RAW.  The Kinefinity line of cameras has started to become a go-to place for cinema quality at reasonable prices. Many Video Pros are actually becoming owners of the camera and praise the rock-solid quality of the build, operation and beautiful image quality with ample dynamic range. The Chinese have really built the Cinema camera for the common man.

The Firmware announcement came from their official Facebook account and you can see it below:

#4K 160fps and 2K 320fps! #TERRA4K boosts frame rate from 4K 100fps to 4K 160fps, 2K 240fps to 2K 320fps by new firmware…

Posted by Kinefinity Inc. on Saturday, April 6, 2019

The firmware update will be available at the official site here when released in May this year: http://www.kinefinity.com/terra/?lang=en

You can see a full review of the Terra 4k camera here by ProAV TV:

You can see a great video shot on the Kinefinity Terra 4k using a variety of frame rates here by Philip Bloom:

There is no question the Terra 4k is an excellent no-compromise camera for a reasonable price. Now with the new frame rate update, it will be featured higher on our Slow Motion Camera Rankings with RAW performance in 2k at 320fps. It is nearing real dedicated slow-motion camera frame rates. -HSC

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