Galaxy Note 9 Slow Motion Initial Samples!

Now that a few days have passed we now have the first few samples of what the Galaxy Note 9 is capable of in 960fps slow-motion mode. It shows about the same effective resolution as the Galaxy S9 and S9+ which share the same camera system.  The Note 9 is supposed to increase the dynamic range but it is unclear how much benefit it will show in a resolution starved 720p high-speed mode.

The best selling factor for the Note 9 as a slow-motion device is the doubling of recording time to 0.4 seconds from the 0.2sec available on the Galaxy S9. This transforms into a 12.8-second video played back at NTSC 30p which makes it much more enjoyable than the 6.4 sec on the other Samsung phone.

Galaxy Note 9 Slow Motion Initial Samples:

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Super Slow Motion 960fps eTube Tech:

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Super Slow-mo 1 by Komputer Świat Sample:

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Super Slow-mo 2 by Komputer Świat Sample:

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Super Slo-mo / Super Slow motion @960 fps by Web Hacks:

All in all it looks like at first glance to be a great alternative to other 960fps capable phones and while the price of the Note 9 starting at US $999 should put off plenty of buyers, in a few months it should become a sub $800 device which on a payment plan it doesn’t hurt too much. If however, you want to have more control over slow motion then getting a higher frame rate capable camera like a Sony RX series for about the same price is a better bet overall bet.  We will have more samples of the Note 9’s slow motion in a few weeks as more and more users get to play with the feature. Thanks for your visit -HSC

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2 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 9 Slow Motion Initial Samples!”

  1. I am actually not really impressed by the sharpness of the clips at 960 fps. It could be that the uploading process to YT will cause a loss in quality.

    I am wondering where to look for the next jump in high frame rate quality. At the moment Canon and Nikon are getting into the mirrorless camera systems but I dont think they will offer more than 240 fps in their new line of cameras.

    1. Yes the Note 9 is about the same sub 720p frame as the Galaxy S9. Not bad for a phone but the quality could improve a lot from here. The new mirrorless wars will start to heat up by early 2019, higher frame rates will surely be a deciding factor for many. 240fps would be a great base to start with we expect Panasonic to at least be at that speed. 320fps could be a short-term aim for 1080p and 960fps for 720p in newer Sony cameras with better frame quality.

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