Slow Motion Summer 2016!

Slow Motion Summer

It’s that time of the year again when we revisit and dig up slow motion footage that is just out of this world cool.  From the most well known names in YouTube slow-mo to the obscure coolness of the lab and phone tests.

We choose a list of what we believe represent the current cutting edge in slow motion video art and research. Not everything is about gear and specs, a little inspiring footage can make your current camera shine again when you get an idea and put it to the test.

We encourage you to subscribe via the credit links on the text above each video and encourage these footage producers if you really like their work. And of course share them with your friends and family.

Here are the slow motion videos that caught our eye and imagination this summer:

Jelly Tennis by – The Slow Mo Guys:

Couples Watch Themselves Kiss In Slow Motion by BuzzFeedVideo:

How to Escape from a Car Window (SLOW MOTION) – Smarter Every Day 144:

Science of Laser Hair Removal in SLOW MOTION by Veritasium:

RHNB-Water (Slow Motion Playback) by carsandwater:

LIQUID METAL BULLETS in Slow Motion! by TheBackyardScientist:

Katana Vs Plastic Water Bottles – Slow Motion by Taras Kul:

THAI TATTOOS in SLOW MOTION!! Up Close! by My Mate Nate:


Slow Mo Rainbow Flame – 4K by The Slow Mo Guys:

Tooth Pulled Out in Slow Motion by Whitney Bjerken:

RC truck and excavator action by monsterchannel24:

Watermelon Vs Mortar in Slow Motion by: CrazyRussianHacker

Fire Tornado in Slow Motion 4K – The Slow Mo Guys:

YoYo Wizardry in Slow Motion by BeyondSlowMotion:

Dogs Hear Other Dogs Bark In Slow Motion by BuzzFeedVideo:

Top 30 Explosions In Slow Motion by Slow Mo Lab:

Slow Motion Contact Explosive – Nitrogen Triiodide by The Royal Institution:

Full Auto Glock -vs.- Ballistic Gel |SLOW MOTION BY GY6vids:

Crushing Battery – in 4k Slow Motion by:Warped Perception

WALK on WATER in SLOW MOTION!! by My Mate Nate:

Crushing Crystal Balls with Hydraulic Press by Warped Perception:

CHALK FIGHTS in SLOW MOTION!! 1,000 FPS by My Mate Nate:

Deadly Animal Attacks in Slow Motion by BBC Earth Unplugged:

11 Epic Slow Motion Ocean Clips by BBC Earth Unplugged:

Slow motion waves Shot on iPhone over 2 years by Ryan Pernofski:

We encourage you to go out and shoot a great slow motion video and get inspired by the work from others that are making real waves in the high frame rate art.  Congratulations to all featured creators and all of you who did great work in slow motion, the art has never been more diverse or rewarding as it is now. Doc Edgerton the precursor of all modern slow motion video would be awe struck by the diversity of ideas and execution.

We at HSC are having some time off and will return the last week of June. In the mean time enjoy your summer, we thank you for your support!

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