Slow Motion Videos of the Week!

Slow Motion Videos of the Week

We have seen quite a lot of new slow motion footage inundate the Intertubes this week.  The amount and quality of the footage seem to have exploded recently with more and more cameras able to shoot at higher frame rates and at qualities that make it bearable to watch. Of course, there is also the occasional professional high speed camera shot i.e Phantom Flex 4k, which makes it the icing on the cake.

It is also time to get inspired by looking at the work of others to better your own shooting and gather new ideas or inspiration.  It is time to lay back and relax while you watch some extremely cool slow motion footage. And as always remember to be safe if you attempt any of the stunts or experiments shot.  Take Care!

Slow Motion Videos / Footage Highlights  May 2017:

Diving into 1000 Mousetraps in 4K Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys by The Slow Mo Guys: Jackass meets Slowmo? Quite good!

High Voltage Electricity and Water – 4k Slow Motion & Ultra Slow Motion by Warped Perception:

Incredible Slow Motion! Magnets in 1000 fps slow motion with SONY RX 10 iii by Krocky et Stocky:

The world’s first Super slow motion film shot on a smartphone by Sony Xperia:

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Features 960fps Slow Motion Testing Effects by Slow Motion Man:

Panasonic GH5 Slow Motion Test 180FPS (Dance) by Roberto Blake:


SONY RX 100 MARK 4 – SLOW MOTION SAMPLE by Million Dollar Bogan:

Sony RX10 Mark III Abeilles Slow motion (3mn) by Michel Royer:

El Socorro – Slow motion Puerto de la Cruz – Tenerife:

Last but not least the Slow-Mo video of the week:

Ink In Motion by Macro Room:

Pretty amazing footage all around and congrats to Macro Room for making something truly special and artistic!

Have a good weekend-HSC

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