Sony IMX183 ExmorR Could Be In New RX Series!

  • 2.4 µm square unit pixel
  • 1″ Inch Sensor Size (C-Mount Compatibility)
  • IMX183CQJ-J (Color Version)
  • IMX183CLK-J (Monochrome Version)
  • vertical arbitrary cropping function (Windowing)
  • 4096H × 2160V, 10-bit mode, 59.94 fps
  • 10-bit high-speed all-pixel readout
  • 20.48M pixels (aspect 3:2) high-speed readout at 21.98 fps
The Sony RX100 V which is one of our favorite budget slow motion cameras “See our best of  2016 post” was announced October 6th 2016.  Which means we are about 3 months from an announcement. Of more interest to us is the announcement of the RX10 III replacement along with a possible RX10 II version as well.  Those cameras are a little behind the RX100 V with less recording time in resolution priority mode even when they use the same sensor.  What does change is the depth of the buffer which should be improved in the next camera iteration by allowing faster 4k and 1080p captures.
We expect Sony to jump to 480fps 1080p or near that quality at some point in the next two years.  Even when it is time-limited i.e. 2-4 seconds a real 480fps full HD video clip will be sought after by slow motion enthusiasts.
We will monitor the sensor developments closely as Sony continues to be at the forefront of high speed read out with their Stacked CMOS sensor technology. – HSC

Sony IMX183 ExmorR Full Press Release Below:

Release Link here!



Diagonal 15.86 mm (Type 1) Approx. 20.48M-Effective Pixel Monochrome/Color CMOS Image Sensor


High-Speed and High-Picture-Quality Rolling Shutter-Type Back-Illuminated CMOS Image Sensors with Multi Pixel and All-Pixel Global Reset Function

In the industrial application field, needs are increasing for faster products with higher pixel counts and for rolling shutter functions. To meet these needs, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation has developed the “IMX183CLK-J/CQJ-J” CMOS image sensors equipped with an all-pixel global reset function. The image sensor uses a high sensitivity back-illuminated structure 2.4 µm square unit pixel, and we have developed both color (IMX183CQJ-J) and monochrome (IMX183CLK-J) products. The optical size is Type 1 to enable use of a C-mount lens. In addition, these products are equipped with a variety of functions such as 4K video mode and a vertical arbitrary cropping function.

  • Supports 20.48M-pixel readout at 21.98 frame/s in 12-bit mode
  • Supports all-pixel global reset (use with mechanical shutter)
  • Supports 4K video mode (4096H × 2160V, 10-bit mode, 59.94 frame/s)
  • Supports a variety of readout modes such as 10-bit high-speed all-pixel readout, 12-bit high-resolution readout, and vertical arbitrary cropping
  • High-sensitivity back-illuminated structure 2.4 µm square unit pixel with a proven record in products for security camera and industrial applications

Exmor R
* Exmor R is a trademark of Sony Corporation. The Exmor R is a Sony’s CMOS image sensor with significantly enhanced imaging characteristics including sensitivity and low noise by changing fundamental structure of Exmor™ pixel adopted column parallel A/D converter to back-illuminated type.

Supports 20.48M-pixel readout at 21.98 frame/s in 12-bit mode

High-resolution 12-bit digital output of the signals for 20.48M pixels (aspect ratio 3:2) realizes high-speed readout at 21.98 frame/s. This image sensor enables even higher resolution imaging of finer objects at high frame rates in excess of 20 frame/s, while still maintaining high picture quality.

Supports all-pixel global reset (use with mechanical shutter)

The IMX183CQJ-J/CLK-J series is equipped with a global shutter function that can globally reset the internal accumulated charges using an external trigger. Imaging with a flash and mechanical shutter after this all-pixel global reset makes it possible to align the exposure start timing of all pixels, achieving storage operation similar to that of a global shutter. The exposure time can also be adjusted by varying the vertical sync signal input period. (However, the minimum vertical sync signal period is 18 times the horizontal readout period.)

Supports 4K video mode (4096H × 2160V, 10-bit mode, 59.94 frame/s)

10-bit digital output of the signals for approx. 9.03M-effective pixels (aspect ratio approx. 17:9) realizes high-speed output at 59.94 frame/s and also enables video imaging.

Supports various readout modes

The IMX183CQJ-J/CLK-J series supports various readout modes including the above-noted high-resolution 12-bit all-pixel output, 10-bit all-pixel output that enables even faster readout, and high-speed 4K video output, as well as vertical arbitrary cropping output mode (cropping size restrictions apply) and a high-speed readout mode that uses the binning function (Table 3).

High-sensitivity back-illuminated structure 2.4 µm square unit pixel with a proven record in products for security camera and industrial applications

The IMX183CQJ-J/CLK-J series uses a high-sensitivity back-illuminated structure 2.4 µm square unit pixel with a proven record in the IMX178LLJ/LQJ*1 (for security camera and industrial applications).

*1: For details on the IMX178LQJ series, see the New Product information released in September 2013.

*If the mouse cursor changes over the photo, you can click to see the larger version in a new window.

Photograph 1 Sample Images

Condition: 2000 lx  F4.0 (ADC 12-bit mode , internal gain 0 dB)


IMX183CLK-J 18ms accumulation


IMX183CQJ-J 33ms accumulation

Table 1 Device Structure
Output image size Diagonal 15.86 mm (Type 1) aspect ratio 3:2
Number of effective pixels 5544 (H) × 3694 (V) approx. 20.48M pixels
Unit cell size 2.4 µm (H) × 2.4 µm (V)
Optical blacks Horizontal Front: 48 pixels, rear: 0 pixels
Vertical Front: 16 pixels, rear: 0 pixels
Input drive frequency 72 MHz
Output Interface Sub-LVDS (576 Mbps / ch, Max.10 ch) *1
Package 118-pin LGA
Supply voltage VDD (Typ.) 2.9 V / 1.8 V / 1.2 V

*1 Sensor slave mode only.

Table 2 Image Sensor Characteristics
Item Value Remarks
Sensitivity (monochrome) Typ.
388 mV 1/30s accumulation
G Sensitivity (color) Typ.
461 mV 1/30s accumulation
Saturation signal Min. 942 mV Tj = 60 °C
Table 3 Basic Drive Mode
Drive mode Recommended number of recording pixels Frame rate
All-pixel scan (12 bit) * 5472 (H) × 3648 (V) 21.98 12
All-pixel scan (10 bit) * 5472 (H) × 3648 (V) 24.98 10
Type 1/1.4 approx.9.03M-Pixel
(approx. 17:9) (10 bit)
4096 (H) × 2160 (V) 59.94 10
Vertical Arbitrary Cropping (10 bit) *2 5472 (H) × 1802 (V) to
5472 (H) × 3648 (V)
24.98 over 10

*1 These modes can be used together with the global reset shutter function.
*2 In vertical arbitrary cropping area from type 1 approx. 20.48M pixels (3:2) all-pixel scan area is readout with 10-bit output.

*Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation reserves the right to change products and specifications without prior notice.
This product is designed for consumer use applications, so the quality and reliability of the product are also the consumer use application range. This quality and reliability range should be kept in mind when using this product for other than consumer use applications.


The IMX183CQJ-J/CLK-J 20.48M-pixel CMOS image sensors have been newly developed for customers desiring image sensors with multi pixel for industrial applications. We developed both a color product (IMX183CQJ-J) and a monochrome product (IMX183CLK-J), and hope that customers will consider adopting these products for various applications.

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2 thoughts on “Sony IMX183 ExmorR Could Be In New RX Series!”

  1. This is very exciting news! A few seconds 480 fps and hopefully 2-3 minutes 240 fps at HD resolution is really something I am looking forward to. Cant wait for the announcements.

    1. In a few years time, 4k 120fps and 4k 240fps will be the norm with 1080p 960fps being a side effect of the need for faster frame rates at higher resolutions. It will be a great future for frame rates for sure.

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