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iPod Touch Upgraded with 120fps HD!


Apple has upgraded without a lot of fanfare the iPod Touch and it brings in a bunch of performance improvements that take it closer to what the iPhone can do without actually becoming a phone. One of these features is a 120fps HD 720p video capture mode akin to that one on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6.  Sadly no 240fps video mode has been included in this device.

Many question the existence of such a device in this day of cheap smartphones with similar capabilities but the product still fills a niche market of people not wanting to pay for a wireless phone plan in order to be exposed to the Apple ecosystem of apps and features. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

DXO One Brings RAW and 120fps 720p to iDevices!


DxO the company associated with DXO Optics Pro RAW conversion and for it’s popular camera sensor rating scores has released their first hardware product based on a coupling with the Apple iPhone and iPad devices with lightning connector.

The camera attaches in the thunderbolt charging port and lets you swivel the phone or tablet screen for easier viewing angles. The power of the camera comes from what could be the highest quality portable device camera to date.  The RAW and Super RAW modes claim unprecedented image quality with scores in RAW mode of 70 DxO points and in Super RAW of 85 points.  In contrast the original full frame Canon 5D Mark 1 only gathered a sensor score of 71 in RAW mode.    While the results show a clear progression  in sensor technology they simply cannot match the aesthetics of a full frame sensor with a 1″ inch sensor. → Continue Reading Full Post ←