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Edgertronic Updates Software to v2.1.7!


The edgertronic affordable high speed professional camera continues it’s software development and occasional fixes to issues that can pop up during extensive use. The new version which is v2.1.7 has a new FTP daemon which allows you to transfer files from the camera to a host computer on the network using the FTP protocol.

The previously released forced monochrome feature for color cameras also makes a solid feature release on this version of the software. This will allow you to use your color camera as a Monochrome version with some benefits but it will not be as good in low light or as detailed as a true Monochrome version of the camera. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Edgertronic 2.1.6 Software adds Enhanced Dynamic Range!


The edgertronic professional affordable high speed camera continues to evolve and the latest 2.1.6 software release adds a few pretty cool features and a few small bug fixes to the line.  The update will be beneficial to all previous and new owners of the camera at no extra cost as it has been in the past. The camera also maintains the #1 spot in our HSC Camera Guide for price/performance.

We would also like to point out that the edgertronic has shipped it’s 540th high speed camera to date and it is a remarkable feat considering the expected low volume of sales of high speed imaging cameras. Congratulations to the Sanstreak team and Mike Matter for reaching this impressive milestone. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

edgertronic 2.1.5 Firmware – Multicast Network Trigger!


The edgertronic camera continues to evolve with firmware releases that improve the camera in many ways and patches bugs here and there that crop up while in use.  The latest 2.1.5 firmware  ads a very important feature for owners of multi camera setups which is called “Multicast Network Trigger” which is a pseudo Gen-lock feature that does not require cables between cameras directly and the network connection within the camera creates the interface for trigger sync among multiple edgertronic cameras.

Feature notes: “The camera supports being triggered by the receipt of a network multicast UDP packet. This is useful when you have multiple cameras that need to be triggered close to the same time but do not need to be genlocked. The advantage of triggering via a network multicast packet is extra cabling between the camera is not needed.”  → Continue Reading Full Post ←