Sony PXW-Z90V Footage Starts to Show!

Sony PXW-Z90V FootageWe were excited last September when Sony announced a trio of Palmcorders based on their latest 1″ stacked image sensor. The FDR-AX700, the HXR-NX80 and the PXW-Z90V share essentially the same sensor and lens along with other common features but differ when it comes to codec bit rates, broadcasting output like SDI out and or HDMI but what interests us is the HFR high frame rate mode.

The Sony RX100 and RX10 series share the same 1″ stacked CMOS sensor in their latest iterations to these cameras but with a new form factor that is aimed at more professional shooters, there is a lot of expectations to see if quality has improved in Slow Motion.   We have gone thru the manuals on the cameras and have not been able to find the exact resolution specs when recording HFR but we estimate they are identical to the latest RX10 IV all in one prosumer camera.

RX10 IV HFR Resolution specs estimated to be the same as PXW-Z90V, NX80 & AX700:

HFR Recording with NTSC/PAL Selector:

[PAL] mode XAVC S HD: 50p 50M(1920×1080/250fps), 50p 50M(1920×1080/500fps), 50p 50M(1920×1080/1000fps)/25p 50M(1920×1080/250fps), 25p 50M(1920×1080/500fps), 25p 50M(1920×1080/1000fps),

 [NTSC] mode XAVC S HD: 60p 50M(1920×1080/240fps), 60p 50M(1920×1080/480fps), 60p 50M(1920×1080/960fps)/30p 50M(1920×1080/240fps), 30p 50M(1920×1080/480fps), 30p 50M(1920×1080/960fps)/24p 50M(1920×1080/240fps), 24p 50M(1920×1080/480fps), 24p 50M(1920×1080/960fps)

Sensor Readout Number of effective pixels:

Quality Priority 4 Seconds:

  • RX10 IV: 240fps/250fps (1824×1026)
  • RX10 IV: 480fps/500fps (1824×616)
  • RX10 IV: 960fps/1000fps (1244×420)

Shoot Time Priority 7 Seconds:

  • RX10 IV: 240fps/250fps (1824×616)
  • RX10 IV: 480fps/500fps (1292×436)
  • RX10 IV: 960fps/1000fps (912×308)

As you can see above the HFR on these cameras is quite good compared to other competitive options but you have to keep in mind the 4 second recording limitation at the highest quality.

The first video below “Model Train” shows the Z90 recording in all slow motion frame rates: 120p 240p, 480p, and 960pExcellent video by 이승진:

Sony PXW-Z90V Footage Released from Early reviewers:

Z90 Test HFR Modes all resolutions/frame rates by 이승진:

Active Image Stabilization and Clear Image Zoom Test – FDR AX700, HXR NX80 and PXW Z90V by akphotovideo:

Sony PXW-Z90 Test Footage by Doug Jensen:

Sony Z90 – A good upgrade from the X70? by ProAV TV:

Sony Z90 – First Shoot by Nick Skinner TV:

PXWZ90 Youtube Test by Reiner Klohn:

Happy New Year! – Shot with SONY PXW-Z90 in HLG by neepervision:

We will get more samples from these three cameras in HFR mode as they become available. -HSC

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