Sony RX10 II and RX100 IV ready for Pre-order!


The recently announced Sony RX10 II and RX100 IV have just been released for Pre-Order.

In some recently released information by early hands on previews of the cameras it was revealed that the fast memory buffers attached to the backs of the sensor block only allow for 2 seconds or 4 seconds recording at the highest frame rates aswell as the lowest frame rates of the HFR modes  i.e. 960fps to 240fps ; depending on the HFR mode chosen for quality or recording time you get 2 seconds or four seconds capped recording time. See this hands on link for more info. Thanks to our reader Slowmosage for pointing this out.

Confirmed: 120fps NTSC and 100p PAL at 1080p is continuous recording at 100 MBit XAVC-S Format. The cameras seem to be capped at 474 Megapixels/sec peak which would be the limit recording time on the attached fast memory block.   No official word on the size of this memory but it looks to be in the 32GB range.

Pre-orders at Adorama:




Sony DSC- RX10 II Pre order at Adorama with Free Expedited Shipping in the US for only $1,298.00 USD.



Sony DSC- RX100 IV Pre order at Adorama with Free Expedited Shipping in the US for only $948.00 USD.

Pre-orders at

If you order from Adorama or you get a great deal and helps HSC continue to provide information on high speed imaging at no extra cost to you.  Thanks for your support!

Be sure to share your experiences and sample videos with these cameras if you decide to buy them!

Seagulls Slow Motion RX by Sony:

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6 thoughts on “Sony RX10 II and RX100 IV ready for Pre-order!”

    1. On the highest fps modes yes, but on the lower i.e. 240fps there is no confirmation yet. It wound’t make much sense to have a 240fps mode that lasted 2 seconds in quality. An iPhone and Gopro 4 can do continuous 240fps at 720p so it would make sense for these cameras to be a bit more capable and not that constrained at the lower frame rates. Until we have the manual it is all speculation.

    1. Thanks for that link, quite disappointing to see the lower end capped. The camera is capable of a max of 474 megapixels/second peak. Seems it is also the cap of the fast memory module available which could be 32GB. Will revise.

      1. This could be why Sony isn’t posting videos at 240fps .. Too hard to catch the snowboarder and bmx rider in 2 seconds and lets face it, those are the really fun things to catch. High quality should at least be at 4-6 seconds. This would be a major disappointment if they release a camera with those slow motion specs.

        1. Hello vancian. Actually 240 fps capture at 2 to 4 seconds shouldn’t be a problem with BMX footage especially with the pre-trigger end capture function with these new cams. But still it would be nice to get more seconds from Quality Priority mode.

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