Underwater Slow Motion with Sony RX100 IV!

Underwater Slow Motion Fantasea FRX100IV

Few have attempted filming slow motion underwater and the results are usually underwhelming due to the amount of light needed. The light kits alone can make the undersea wildlife exit in a fast way from apparent danger unless they lack eyes or photo sensors.  However with a little ingenuity and keeping frame rates slow but not overly so you can get very good looking footage under the ocean with what amounts to be an entry package.

Chase Darnell did a review for Dive Photo Guide where the Sony RX100 IV is used with the aid of a Fantasea FRX100 IV Underwater Housing. As a diver the review is geared for underwater shooting which is not common when it comes to slow motion.  He goes over the pros and cons of the kit and much more.

You can read the full review here at DivePhotoGuide.com!

Congratulations on the great imagery and video capture by Chase Darnell on what could be a great starting dive imagery kit for cost conscious divers who want professional looking results on a budget.

Below you can see the underwater slow motion footage from the review which you should read for even more samples and tips!

Cocos in Slow Motion with FRX100 IV Housing by Chase Darnell from DivePhotoGuide.com:


There is also a 4k RX100 IV underwater reel here which shows the resolution prowess of the little camera.

You can read more about the RX Sony cameras here at HSC!

Sony RX100 IV 4K video highlight reel by Chase Darnell from DivePhotoGuide.com:


You can find the RX100 IV and it’s Fantasea FRX100 IV Underwater Housing in the links below:


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2 thoughts on “Underwater Slow Motion with Sony RX100 IV!”

  1. Holding out for the next iteration of the A7s for this same type of shooting. With the current A7sII it’s really nice to have a sensor geared for low light even when shooting 120fps. Makes shooting slow motion in darker/shaded scenarios more feasible. Hoping for a speed bump to 240 or more for the third version of the A7s.

    1. Hopefully we will see the A7s III bring higher frame rates above 120fps. Ideally we should also see 60fps 4k in a variety of cameras while 1080p should provide 240fps.

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