Wave Camera by Freefly Systems 4k 1000fps for 10k?

Wave Camera by Freefly Systems 4k 1000fps

ChrisVTV a filmmaker from Portland Oregon and fabulous slow motion professional has hinted at the existence of a new camera by the makers of the Movi stabilizer, and Astro drones is said to be launching soon at a price about $10,000 USD and could go head to head with Vision Research’s Phantom Flex 4k.   There is no specific information other than it seems to be a 4k camera capable of high frame rates, possibly 1000fps.

Since this is a rumor please take it with a grain of salt but it sure seems to be legit.  A camera that really de-thrones the Phantom or at least competes with it head to head at less than 1/10th the price will be an explosion in the world of high frame rate camera options.  We may be close to having an option that shoots cinema-quality footage for a fraction of the cost in UHD at 4k!

Wave Camera by Freefly Systems 4k Post:

You an visit Chrisvtv’s Instagram feed here!

Also, you can visit Freefly systems but it does not show any info on Wave as of yet!


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Which is the phantom? Can you tell the difference between a $160K phantom and the new $10k WAVE camera from @freeflysystems comment below and follow along for exclusive info on the brand new un released high speed camera created by FREEFLY dropping soon 🤯 🎥 . . . . #chrisvtvwavecamera #wavecamera #freeflywave #chrisvtv #wave #filmsupplyclub #cinematography #cinematographers #directorofphotography #directorslife #freeflysystems #moco chrisvtvwave #filmmaking #filmlife🎬 #setlife🎥 #setlife🎬 #behindthescenes🎬 #behindthescenes #foodstylingprops #camerasetupclub #phantomflex4k #flex4k #4kflex #phantom4kflex #highspeedcamera #lovehighspeed #slomovideo #slowmotionsunday #slomo #tvc

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Thanks to our reader Leo Bauberger for the heads up on this new camera information!

We will have more information about the Wave camera by Freefly Systems 4k 1000fps as soon as it becomes available. Also please let us know if you find any more information out there. -HSC

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2 thoughts on “Wave Camera by Freefly Systems 4k 1000fps for 10k?”

  1. Thanks for the mention 🙂

    Let’s see if this camera is really up to the task! I’m looking forward haha
    Anyway, I think it is already an important milestone in this niche segment, which until then has very little offer in the low cost side.
    Good times to work with video: D

    1. The Wave has been released, we are writing a post about it. Needless to say, it seems like a good option but many questions remain. There is no 4k 1000fps as expected only under 500fps and also it seems to be using the SSD internal card as main write memory very similar to what the technology fps1000 cameras were using. Also, there seems to be very limited quantities of these cams being built which seems to be a way to enter into the market without so much risk of loss if the inventory had build-up. At $10k it looks like a good option for small to medium studios. https://freeflysystems.com/wave

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