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fps1000 Project Update July 2016!

fps1000 High speed Cameras

The fps1000 affordable high speed camera has hit several milestones recently such as shipping the platinum fps1000 and some users actually producing first footage with them. The focus now is on shipping the rest of the gold and  silver models which were lower spec and cost versions which were part of the original Kickstarter campaign in 2014 here. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

fps1000 Platinum 500fps first user footage!

fps1000 DragonflyPlatinum_byPeterCarsten

The fps1000 Platinum camera capable of 500fps at 720p resolution has started arriving at the doorstep of Kickstarter backers this week. Production is continuing to fill the backlog of orders and should proceed later on with other models like the fps1000 4k which we are expecting.

One of the first people to get the camera is Peter Carsten an early backer and he has started to post some footage tests of birds in flight with the camera. Peter was kind enough to share his footage and even a sample frame for us to test in our RAW DNG Converter. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

fps1000 May Update Shows 4k Prototype!


The fps1000 May update shows for the first time the camera case with a compatible Canon EF mount attached of the Platinum 4k model.  However it is confirmed as well that some Platinum standard models which have a top recording rate of 720p HD at 500fps have been shipping in small quantities to backers.

There were some heat issues with the Platinum 4k when pushed to the higher frame rate spec and a new board with the corrections is already shipping back from manufacturing to be tested. This should be the last revision of the board and final testing should begin. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

fps1000 Shows Finished Packaged Cameras!


The fps1000 Camera is reaching a new milestone today with the first Silver Gold and Platinum basic models displayed in full manufactured case and final packaging. These will be ready to ship at any moment.

The first units will be of smaller sensor size as expected with 4k and Double Platinum  coming soon after. The Hex Platinum Camera will be last according to the current production line-up.   All of the cameras shown today are Battery only and will not work with a power supply. Until EMC testing is passed with a power supply the Kickstarter campaign backers receiving the cameras will have to use the two 18650 3.7v Battery cells. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

fps1000 Ready to Ship First Battery Only Units!


The fps1000 camera created by Graham Rowan on Kickstarter has had a few setbacks but seems to be getting close to shipping form with the latest update.  The early Kickstarter backers of the Gold, Silver and Platinum will probably be the first to receive the camera with a C Mount metal port as seen in the image released by Rowan.

The case is now in final form and it is ready to be shipped in battery only configuration. Notice the fps1000 brand on the upper right corner. For those wishing to go stealth, a small piece of dark gaffers tape can cover the brand name easily. The AC adapter version is still yet to pass EMC certification due to some leakage issues in the last test.  For owners that are content with the dual 18650 Li-Ion battery only version of the camera, shipping will start as soon as packaging arrives. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

fps1000 Update Has Production and 4k News!


While there has been little chatter on the high speed fps1000 project this past month; that was no deterrent from the continuing development of the project itself. Graham Rowan the creator of the camera has posted an update with just a few quick notes.

The takeaway from this is that production on the hardware is progressing and that EMC testing with the power supply connector is close to being conducted.  Last time the camera passed fine without an external power supply and relying on battery power alone; but needed a few changes in the boards in order to pass electromagnetic emissions when used with an external power source.  Graham has made the changes and has tested the emissions in his lab with purchased equipment. → Continue Reading Full Post ←