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Warning: The parent company of FPS cameras “The Slow Motion Camera Company Ltd.” went out of business and entered liquidation proceedings. No further development of cameras is expected. More information here on Google Search

While there has been little chatter on the high speed fps1000 project this past month; that was no deterrent from the continuing development of the project itself. Graham Rowan the creator of the camera has posted an update with just a few quick notes.

The takeaway from this is that production on the hardware is progressing and that EMC testing with the power supply connector is close to being conducted.  Last time the camera passed fine without an external power supply and relying on battery power alone; but needed a few changes in the boards in order to pass electromagnetic emissions when used with an external power source.  Graham has made the changes and has tested the emissions in his lab with purchased equipment.


Final testing in the lab before EMC submission will have to be done when the case is due back from manufacturing, which should be soon. This will allow it to be tested in full shipping form. Hopefully it will have emissions that are within the parameters needed for international shipment.

The extra tidbit has to do with the 4k version of the camera which has been a source of major excitement on the project.  The camera has been developed alongside the lower resolution versions but working with the same base architecture just a different memory and sensor board to accommodate the extra throughput and larger sensor in the micro 4/3 size.

Here is the update itself for your reading:

Graham Rowan:   “Production is under way as planned. The new motherboards are back and being tested. The fix for the noisy power input has reduced the noise considerably. Hopefully this should be good enough for EMC testing – I will schedule this when the cases are back.
Case parts, both metalwork and plastic are due back next week. Then shipments can begin.
The 4K camera is making good progress – I have first images out of the sensor. So far I haven’t found any issues with the hardware, though there is more testing to be done. I will post a full update on this soon.”


There is no new image of footage shown in this update but we are aware of lots of progress behind the scenes on the software front regarding the image acquisition and quality that should improve on what was already shown before. When the information is publicly released we will have a comment on this.

4k Sensor and Memory board for the fps1000 – By Graham Rowan!

There might be an update soon by Mr. Rowan on the 4k development with hopefully some images as well.  The camera EMC testing has been a big stumbling block for shipping the standard cameras but that seems to be nearing an end. Most of the time in the delays was based on EMC testing troubles.  If the camera passes fully this time around then we expect to see cameras shipping in some form or another in the coming months.  Stay Tuned!

More info on the fps1000 camera project here!

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