Chronos Production Update 6 Shows Assembly Process!

Chronos Production Update 6

The Chronos 1.4 camera is nearing completion stage and shipping for the earlybird Kickstarter buyer batch with an end of the month of May or beginning of June ship date.  The LCDs are in and the entire cameras are being fully assembled including the addition of emission shield tape which will make it comply with FCC and CE regulations. The cameras are machined aluminum on the body and depending on choice will be black or silver.

We are sharing the latest update which shows the cameras being assembled in stages. Final testing will need to be done in order to pass quality control before shipping, but it seems early parts tests were flawless. This Kickstarter project is ticking off all boxes and making a solid attempt at the market by continuing to sell the camera on their own official site here!

The entire 6th update is shown below and we would like to congratulate David Kronstein and his team for reaching full production. We will have a full review of the production camera as soon as possible.

Full Production update #6 Below:

We’re assembling cameras!

Hey guys,

We’ve been assembling the earlybird batch over the last week! All the LCDs, fans and battery doors are assembled, and we just started final assembly on the first sub-batch at end of day Friday. First shipments should go out Tuesday or Wednesday, after holiday Monday.

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Assembling the LCDs and fans took somewhat longer than expected, and this past Monday was spent making last minute production tools and jigs. We were hoping to ship the first 10 units or so on Friday, but that didn’t happen.

Here are some pictures from the build:

Oak installing fans into cases
Oak installing fans into cases
EMI shielding tape installed
EMI shielding tape installed
LCDs being installed
LCDs being installed
Stack of completed back panels
Stack of completed back panels

Thank you for your patience with all the delays we’ve had, it’s a huge relief to be so close to shipping.

For the main batch, all the long lead time parts have now been ordered (PCBs, FPGAs, CPUs), things appear on track for the next batch. We’ll keep you posted! ”

More information about the Chronos 1.4 and ordering details here:


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