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Lumix GH6 will do 120fps 4k & maybe more!

Lumix GH6 Panasonic

Panasonic unveiled in May the GH5 Mark II which is a slight refresh of the venerable m4/3rds GH5 with live streaming, better dynamic range in video, better AF algorithms, and slightly better IS on a very similar body with just a few cosmetic red buttons and rings for refresh purposes.  The slow motion remains at 180fps VFR at 1080p and 60p at 4k on the GH5 II since it is using the same sensor and imaging engine. It is a better overall camera than the original but a mild refresh nonetheless. 

That brings us to the pre-announced GH6 which is an in-development camera that aims to refresh the entire Micro 4/3ds line in Panasonic and aimed at professional video users.  It sports a new sensor, new imaging engine, new body and new technologies yet to be disclosed.  According to rumors, this camera should be able to keep micro 4/3rds alive for another five years delivering an array of video and photo features that will set it apart much like the original GH5 carved a place in camera history. We have also received rumored specs that may or may not pan out regarding frame rates which we find somewhat credible.  → Continue Reading Full Post ←

GH5s More Rumored Specs Emerge With 240fps!


The latest info from 43 Rumors stemming from supposed leaks on the GH5s or “Low Light Version of the GH5” suggest a 10.28MP sensor with up to 240fps Full HD recording capability.    There seems to be an out of step rush to deliver this camera compared to previous releases by Panasonic which may or may not end with a product on the specified date of Jan 8th, 2018.

There has been a clear progression of frame rates from Lumix GH cameras from 60p to 96p, 120p and most recently 180fps with the GH5 and G9.  However, if the GH5s ships with 240fps we can safely assume that the spec will now be the bare minimum frame rate for a flagship camera in full HD instead of the 120fps most can shoot in high-quality mode.  The GH5 suffered from quality degradation above 120fps with aliasing and moire taking a toll. If the new camera can deliver 240fps with the same quality as 120fps then it will be a milestone mirrorless camera.

GH5s Supposed Leaked Specs from 43 Rumors:

  • 10.28MP Low Light Sensor
  • 12 fps Stills
  • ISO Standard: 160-51,200 Extended: 80-102,400
  • Cinema 4k up to 60fps 10 Bit 4:2:2
  • Full HD 1080p up to 240fps VFR
  • Mechanical shutter: 1/8,000
  • Electronic shutter: 1/16,000
  • Flash sync: 1/250
  • LCD screen: 3.2″, 1,620,000 dots, touchscreen
  • Same GH5 Viewfinder / Same Camera Body
  • Battery: Pansonic DMW-BLF19PP
  • Two memory card slots
  • 4k photos
  • HDMI Type A / USB 3.1
  • Dust-proof and splash-proof body
  • MSRP $2,500   Announcement Jan 8th!

If Panasonic is able to deliver such camera by early 2018 we can rest assured this will push other manufacturers to up their game when it comes to frame rates.  We expect to see 4k 120fps in a mid-range camera during 2018 and 240fps 1080p should make its way into more affordable segments.

The Sony RX line, for example, has a 4-second recording limit in quality mode at 240fps Full HD which could be made continuous in the next iteration.  One thing that troubles us by Panasonic is that the 240fps mode in their recently released EVA1 professional camera has a quality loss that is severe at 240fps with softness and blotchy noise that makes it look more like 720p.  If the GH5s has the same type of quality then we cannot say in honesty the camera will be groundbreaking for affordable slow motion.   The GH5s needs to deliver the same 120fps quality the current GH5 does at the higher 240p rate for it to be a real step up.

The elephant in the room is the long-awaited Sony a7s Mark III which should be Sony’s answer to Panasonic and Canon offering class leading low light performance with an HDR component in the $3,200 price range.  Sony has also shown that high frame rates are their game with the RX/Motion Eye technology. If the new a7s III includes the first full frame sensor with on-sensor multi-layered accelerated DRAM, it could create a product so advanced that the competition will have to go back to the drawing board in order to compete.   Some rumors suggest this while others just claim a 2 stop improvement in low light capability and dynamic range. We will have to wait and see.

2018 could be the year we have been waiting for to really be excited about high frame rates in affordable cameras that can maintain quality. Samsung and Sony are also launching new high frame rate phones next year. It is an exciting time for high-speed video and especially with portability in mind.

Here is a clip that has caught our attention lately, if you haven’t seen it be sure to do so on a large screen at full 4k.  Excellent work by Dustin Farrell www.dfvc.com    -HSC

Transient – Slow Motion Lightning Strikes in 4k With Phantom Flex 4k: 

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Chronos Kickstarter Camera One Year Later!

Chronos Kickstarter Camera

David Kronstein has published a walkthrough video of the Krontech warehouse, assembly installations, and offices located near Vancouver Canada, in what could be described as a rapid expansion of a startup that just a year ago was just coalescing.  With now 337 Chronos 1.4c cameras shipped to Kickstarter backers and also direct purchase buyers; this is a significant number of units for any high-speed camera and we can probably expect that number to increase!

David also goes shares his thanks to the people who helped make the camera project possible and where the company can grow from here. We expect great things from Krontech not that they have shown the ability to mass produce gear that works and as it continues to improve with software releases. We are excited about their future and congratulate them on their success thus far.

Chronos Kickstarter update – One year later Video:

We are eager to see what David and his team of software engineer coders and electrical engineers can cook up now that their first project is maturing.  We would love to see a 1080p camera with a larger sensor and possibly a 4k capable high-speed unit with windowing in the 1080p and 720p modes.  All of this with the touchscreen ability of the Chronos 1.4c which makes it a breeze to run and gun with the camera.

Chronos Kickstarter Camera announces- Open Source Code on Chronos 1.4c:

“At long last, the Chronos Camera application source is now available at the following git repository:

: chronos-cam-app

Currently, we only support Ubuntu 16.04 LTS as a build environment. 17.04 is known to NOT work due to different compiler versions included. You’re welcome to try other environments, please let us know what works and what doesn’t.

Follow the instructions in the repository readme to set up your build environment.

We suggest not doing any significant changes or customization right now. We are in the process of breaking out the low-level camera control into a daemon controlled over D-Bus. This will allow the cam app to talk to the camera seamlessly, whether local or operating remotely over a network connection. Ideally, the exact same application will be able to be compiled to run on the camera or on a PC.

Once you have the application compiling, you can connect to your camera over SSH. Plug the mini-USB port into your computer, and it will enumerate as a USB to Ethernet bridge (serial numbers 00050 and above, earlier cameras need an update, this should be available in the next day or two). You can then log into the camera using root/<no password>

I’m sure there will be many questions, please let us know any problems so we can provide better build instructions.


It is encouraging to see that the source code for the Chronos 1.4c is already up, ready to be explored and played with by enthusiasts.  We expect many new features and improvements added by the community over time with the possibility as well of improved UI and automation.  The Chronos 1.4c code is still maturing with it still in the testing phase to support the majority of the ports on the camera side. The LAN support is taking longer than expected because it requires a host interface to be supported with it as well for it to be useful for the common user.

Releasing the code is a big first step and we can’t wait to see what talented coders are able to do with it.

We are also working on an initial look at the Chronos 1.4c which will have answers to several questions we have been asked. We will look into the quality and shooting experience as well as the continued feature evolution. We received a new camera last week that will allow us to review it without setbacks which caused a delay with an early unit we received. -HSC

For more information about the Chronos 1.4c camera and ordering information please visit:  http://www.krontech.ca –

“Please mention HSC if ordering a camera from any manufacturer, helps us measure the reach of our blog”.

Chronos 1.4 Software Update 0.2

Chronos 1.4 Software

The Chronos 1.4 Camera is getting its first firmware update from 0.1 to 0.2 to add a few feature, correct a few bugs and some interface changes.  The update is recommended for all owners and it is very easy to install. Be sure to have a FAT32 formatted USB stick in order to perform the update as it needs the root directory for file discovery.

We applied the update on our camera and were pleasantly surprised that the actual software update did not need the camera to be turned off after. It seems that the Chronos team is making updates on the internal SD memory and not on a firmware chip which also means you cannot brick the camera by updating. Very cool feature!

Chronos 1.4  0.2 Software update post:

By Krontech.ca:

Here’s the first software update!

Available here: http://forum.krontech.ca/index.php?topic=38.msg257

Not a huge amount in this one, basically a few features requested by a few scientific users, and a bunch of low-hanging fruit . More major updates will probably have to wait until after the backlog of Kickstarter rewards and store preorders have shipped since it’s so busy leading up to production. Once we hire a software engineer, updates will be much more frequent and significant.

Features added and bugs fixed:

  • Added Triggered Exposure and Shutter Gating modes
  • Fixed bug where video can be saved to the mount point if no storage device is present
  • Fixed minimum exposure time (now 1uS instead of an impossible 10ns)
  • Added “About” tab to Util window, showing software version, serial number, and camera info
  • Added missing backer Jared Reabow in backers list
  • Added support for LUX1310 image sensor silicon revision 2
  • Fixed incorrect bitrate computation in save settings window
  • Disabled H264 profile and level controls (certain lower levels caused encoder to crash)
  • Fixed incorrect shutter slider and exposure text after changing resolution
  • Fixed incorrect updating of ROI indicator in Record Settings
  • Fixed allowable range of window offset to proper multiples (16, 2). Record settings would not be applied if offset was set other than proper multiple
  • Moved close button on keyboard to bottom right
  • Changed arrows on keyboard from text eg. “Up” to unicode arrow characters

Known bugs in added features:

  • Horizontal line issue is present in Triggered Exposure and Shutter Gating modes, to be fixed

Chronos 1.4 Update Procedure:

-Unzip the Zip file into the root directory of a FAT32 formatted USB stick-Unzip the Zip file into the root directory of

-Unzip the Zip file into the root directory of a FAT32 formatted USB stick This should result in a camUpdate folder in the root directory of the stick

-Boot up the camera and insert the USB stick-Backup your calibration data. Tap “Backup calibration data” and wait for this to complete (about 5 seconds). The cal data is now backed up on the USB drive as cal_[serial number].tar

-To install the update, tap Apply Software Update

-A message box should pop up indicating the software update was found. Tap Yes to install the update.

-The screen will go blank for a few seconds, then the updated application will start.

-Done! No need to restart the camera.

What if something goes wrong?
Don’t worry, it’s impossible to brick the camera. If the update fails for some reason and the camera won’t boot, you can reflash the OS SD card yourself to recover the camera. If you need the image file to do this, let us know. It’s just like flashing the OS card for a Raspberry Pi. You will need to restore the backed up calibration data after reflashing the card. If you don’t have a backup, we have a copy of the original factory cal, available on request.

Next updates in the pipeline:

  • Proper trigger delay setting (Timeline/slider, pretrigger percentage, and setting by time rather than frames)
  • Remembering settings across reboots
  • Indication of dropped frames on save
  • Proper boot splash screen

HSC’s Take- So there you have it, updates will probably be more fluid once the software engineer is dedicated to improving the camera. The painless update process is also welcome and the separation from a firmware chip makes it easier to try new things without bricking the camera. A re-flash of the internal memory card is all that is needed if you run into trouble by reverting to stock software.  The software will probably be very different in a few months with all sorts of bells and whistles. We are excited for the future of the Chronos 1.4 and other cameras that may come down the pipeline from krontech.ca.

We took the camera out for a quick test with firmware 0.2 and found it to be stable and with no issues. We like the new improvements and really are eager to see what the camera will become with improvements. The software is a work in progress and will become much more powerful as a scientific and all around shooter as it matures.

We took the camera out for a quick test with firmware 0.2 and found it to be stable and with no issues. We like the new improvements and really are eager to see what the camera will become with improvements. The software is a work in progress and will become much more powerful as a scientific and all around shooter as it matures.

Our quick unprocessed footage below from Firmware 0.2:

Chronos 1.4 – Butterflies & Moths Test Software 0.2:

For more information about the Chronos 1.4 Camera and how to order one visit the official website at: http://www.krontech.ca/


Chronos 1.4 Mods Make Improvements!

Chronos 1.4 Mods

We would like to share a few modifications users of the Chronos 1.4 have made to the camera in the few short weeks they have had to put it through its paces.  In our case, we got the Pro AM 5″ Sunshade for LCD screens and had great success curing what could have been a big nuisance for the camera.  In bright daylight, the Chronos screen completely washes out like most phones out there and makes it impossible to judge focus, controls and reviewing clips.

There are also case mods and more strap accessories that have made the camera better.   While the software is still in the early stages, the camera is fully functional and has been able to deliver outstanding image quality.  There are a few image artifacts that firmware will address in the future, that are pushing back our full review of the camera. For those that have been asking, rest assured we are on it!

Chronos 1.4 Mods Rundown:

We found the  ProAm USA 5″ LCD Video Monitor Hood / Sunshade at the Amazon.com website for $17.99 including free shipping. It was a crap shoot as we would not know if it would fit the Chronos 1.4 and make it usable at the same time.  To our surprise, it was near perfect in the way it was able to fit the screen and avoid the jog wheel on the right side.  It is also extremely easy to take on and off. Furthermore, the lower flap is completely removable which allows you to use the camera’s touch screen with your hand and not collide with a barrier. We chose to not install the lower flap and it has functioned perfectly.

The included velcro strip tape is slim enough to be installed on the sides of the camera without having to cut the excess. We decided to give it a bit of room aside from the display in order to easily operate the controls. You may try different placement and see what works for you.

The shade visor makes a real difference in usability with perfect coverage in very bright sunlight.  Notice the right Jog wheel is still left with usable space and since the screen is detachable indoor use remains unaffected with movement freedom.

Make your own case for the Chronos 1.4:

Chronos owner Anton4Video has gone ahead and made a camera case custom set of foam inserts to accommodate the Chronos, Power supply, and 3 batteries.  The case he used is the – Pelican iM Storm 2100 $97.10 at Amazon, – which is both sturdy and very secure with dual side lock ports if needed. It also has the pressure equalization valve to adjust when being transported on airplanes.  He used custom foam inserts made by hand which we also found gave it a very nice touch.

Chronos 1.4 hard case V1.0 by anton4video:

 We added a couple of videos below so you can learn how to draw and cut custom foam shapes for cases.  Stay safe, some of this methods can cause injury. Always use protective gear like gloves and protective eye-wear.

How to Cut Clean Details in Foam by Punished Props:

Pelican Case Foam Cutting – WAY TOO MUCH FUN! by TiborasaurusRex:

Another Camera Neck Strap for the Chronos:

We talked about straps on a previous post here with our own solution but another Chronos user Gyppor has also been creative.

Mounting a neck strap to a Chronos 1.4 camera by Gyppor:

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 More Chronos 1.4 Video Samples:

What good is a camera if it is not able to show what it can do? Well we have gathered some recent Chronos 1.4 clips for your enjoyment as a bonus below.  Remember to support the people that created these videos and accessories by subscribing to their channels.

Satisfying Crazy Firecracker Explosions Chronos 1.4C Ultra Slowmotion! by SLOWMOTION EXPERIMENT:

Drilling aluminium in slow motion ( Chronos 1.4 ) by Gyppor:

Air cannon vs. Tennis racket by Antti Hara:

Super Slow Motion Waterballoon Assault | Chronos 1.4 by Paul Bryan TV:

Pounding rusty nails in SUPER slow motion (Chronos 1.4 – 13k-38k fps) by Gyppor:

For more information about the Chronos 1.4 Camera and ordering info go to the official website: http://www.krontech.ca/

Chronos Camera Must Have Accessories!

Chronos Camera Must Have Accessories

So now that many Kickstarter backers have received the Chronos 1.4 including HSC, we have had a few days to test it out and see what kind of accessories the camera needs to be customized for full usability.  There are quite a few hardware cages that may fit it but we rather use the camera as is with some clever low-cost fixes.

The camera is performing well with operation being solid for the 4 days we have taken it through its paces.  Some things do scream out as essentials in order for the camera to be safe from drops and shield it from the sun in order to see the LCD screen properly which is not particularly good in direct sunlight as most LCDs suffer from this.

Chronos 1.4 Must Have Accessories:

Grip / Support:

The Chronos 1.4 is a heavy all-metal camera with a molded hand grip with some thumb cross hatch texture that helps give some grip but not much.  That is why you need to attack some strap anchors with the help of the Right and Top side 1/4″ inch screw holes. These are the same as standard tripod screws.

These screws are cheap at under $2 dollars and you will only need 2 for connecting a strap.  We also include below, a few neoprene camera straps if you do not have one handy.

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Camera LCD Sun Shade & Elements Protection:

One aspect of the Chronos that will become easily apparent after just a few seconds of use while outside on a sunny day will be the fact that the LCD is almost unreadable in heavy sunlight. This is a common problem on many cameras and phone screens which probably; the Chronos is using a Phone LCD 5″ diagonal screen.

While the Lens Skirt above is not ideal, it does help the camera in 3 ways: It protects the camera from immediate water splashes

  • 1) It protects the camera from immediate water splashes!
  • 2) Creates a Sunshade for the LCD screen that is adjustable!
  • 3) Shields the camera from the sun and maintains the temperature cooler.

However, the Lens Skirt is a solution that is not waterproof and the recording button needs you to fight it in order to get your hand in there. That is why we favor going for the LCD 5″ Sun Shade, and The Camera Rain Cover for shielding the Chronos from damage.  Both intakes of the fan and grill holes are in the front of the camera and offer no protection against the elements.

As an extra, we also added an LCD Screen Protector with Anti Glare  for 5″ Screens that should fit the Chronos. See our selections below:

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Extra Batteries and Dedicated Charger:

The Chronos loves to eat EN-EL4a batteries and while recording it can eat up a battery in less than 50 minutes. The camera has no sleep mode so it means the power is continuously being drained. This means either operating it with the included AC adapter and a power source or exchange batteries often while shooting on the go.   The Nikon EN-EL4a original battery that ships with the Chronos is great but it is quite expensive as batteries go at $119 USD.  We Purchased a Newmowa compatible battery and we found that it lasted as much as the original Nikon battery while using it in camera. They may be using the exact same cells.  These batteries are good to use in the Nikon Cameras as many users have positive reviews. We would not go and search for other brands like Wasabi for this specific battery as reviews tend to be bad.  We only recommend the Newmowa as it is the one we have tested with success.

Since the batteries can be charged in the Chronos 1.4 Camera you do not have to buy a dedicated charger especially since the OEM Nikon one is so pricey at $129.   However, the Kastar dual charger below with LCD for just $33.99 at Amazon is a good alternative but see the warning below.

Above the Kastar charger with informational LCD charge display can juice up two batteries at once for a reasonable price.

Warning about Kastar charger: We had the charger give off a spark when connecting the voltage lead in the charger from the main. Spark went away after we connected the lead with the diamond logo ♦ on the cable end down “Looking at the floor” After that no more sparks and the batteries charged fine.  We believe there is a lack of power inversion circuitry when connecting the plug. And since you can connect it in any direction it can cause a short.  Just place the diamond part to the bottom.  Connect the charger and test it first on a power brick to avoid a short on your equipment. Once it is working fine you should mark the correct direction of the cable to the charger for worry free operation.  The main reason other chargers can only connect one way is exactly because of this current inversion problem. Sadly the Kastar charger is not spending extra resources on a simple shaped plug.   Test it, mark it correctly and save $. We have charged both batteries 3 times in 4 days no problem.  

If you are weary just get the official OEM Nikon charger here!

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Final Thoughts:

There you have it! Cameras tend to require accessories from time to time and the Chronos is really a  better camera with them.  We suggest you get a few of them and have some piece of mind when it comes to supporting the camera at least.

One thing you will also need is a tripod and you will need one that supports about 3kg if you want to attach lenses to the camera with adapters. We include some ideas below:

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We will post new ideas and test of accessories for the Chronos if we stumble upon them. Until then feel free to comment below and recommend some accessories of your own. More info on the Chronos Camera here: http://www.krontech.ca/

Thanks for reading -HSC