Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 Remain at 120fps 720p!


Looks like the rumors got it wrong again in regards to the 240fps for the Samsung Galaxy S6.  They did however hit it with the 720p at 120fps slow motion mode for both the Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 phones. This is basically the same spec most high end phones that did slow motion sported. What broke the trend is the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with 240fps at 720p.

Video Comparing the Galaxy S6 slowmo vs the iPhone 6 by

Both new phones however have better processing and an impressive new camera combo that performs better for all scenarios compared to their predecessors. It will be some time before large comparative samples come out for the stills of both phones but it is clear from the videos that the slow motion on the Galaxy S6 is improved in quality and detail with less artifacts. More samples are needed to fully evaluate the quality but at first look it’s a step in the right direction.

Galaxy S6 Slow motion Vertical video by PCH Videos:

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has optical image stabilization and a lower pixel count which will help in low light. The image samples so far look very good and maybe a new benchmark for phone picture quality will be set by this camera.  It looks to go head to head with the iPhone 6 Plus and maybe beat it.  Apple’s replacement 6s is rumored to be announced in September with 2GB of Memory instead of the 6’s 1GB which might bring even better performance in video and possibly 4k. As for slow motion, we doubt Apple will introduce higher frame rates than 240fps but resolution wise it might improve to 1080p instead of 720p when it comes to high frame rate modes.

The One M9 promises to have a Pro RAW picture mode when it ships as an update in software but we can’t be too excited due to the overly cramped pixels on it’s sensor at 20MP.  Low light will not be ideal with this phone.

HTC One M9 Quick Look by Android Authority:

All in all looks like the HTC One M9 is a decent phone with a good but not great rear camera but the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge seem to be the most capable hardware right off the bat.  It is a shame 240fps was not included in the upgrade to compete directly with the iPhone 6 but with the arrival of the Mediatek 480fps 1080p Phones from China this year, Apple will not hold the mobile slow motion crowd for long.

We’ll have more slow motion samples and rate both phones on our guide list as they become available.

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11 thoughts on “Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 Remain at 120fps 720p!”

  1. Hi.
    Just out of curiosity – what has to be capable of shooting hi fps movies?
    The camera module itself or the processor chip and the memory sub system?

    Theoretically – if I used the old camera from SGS2 and paired it with Mediatek MT6795 and some SSD drive, would that give me 480fps?
    Regardless of the quality of course.

    Thanks for the answer.

    1. You need these:
      1) A sensor chip that has fast timings- One that can refresh pixels at high speeds. Some of these chips top out at 60fps while others at the pro level at a 100kfps or higher for the entire area- sensor windowing can go much higher up to several million fps.
      2) A memory system that can write much faster than traditional memory storage. Sort of like a volatile RAM at many GB/sec to save the sensor output RAW, the software will do the rest.
      3) Memory controller and Bus like that of the Mediatek are speedy enough to do this at 480fps 1080p. As for processing you can have a slow chip doing the writing to SD card from the volatile memory and take several minutes. That is not a problem, capturing it first is.
      4)Finally the system power has to be high enough for capture to happen, hence why you need a good battery. If the Mediatek phones do slowmo probably the battery will be consumed quickly in 480fps mode.

  2. Thanks Admin.
    So now the question would be – is there any site that would give full specs regarding the camera chips used in phones?

    Where do I get the maximum camera chip refresh rate?
    There are other camera apps then stock ones, so maybe some additional features may be unlocked, even for already existing phones. But first we would need to know the full specs…

    1. There are some sites that post specs on chips or you could try the manufacturer directly. However many are kept secret and under NDA. Usually if you are a customer or interested in buying some chips you will get a full spec brochure.

    1. Regarding slow motion it is disappointing but the device looks good except for the smallish battery. Lots of competitors coming but Samsung has assured interest with the curved edge display for the fashion crowd.

      1. You can shoot at 1/8 slowmo aka 240fps speed on the S5, Note 3 and Note 4 so why not the S6? (Which has superior i/o speeds as a result of the new storage tech and DDR4 Ram) seems weird…
        It’s good to see the detail and resolution increase though

  3. But the S6 does finally follow this standards:

    This Wikipage is not translated to english yet. Everybody, who knows german, can read it. (Everybody can help translating.)

    I wanted Samsung for years, finally to make RealTime Slow Motion, but they did this too late, when batteries were not removable anymore. Also: no MicroSD, no MHL, not Waterproof, only USB 2.0, many lost features (Air View, etc.) etc.

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