iPhone 6s Slow Motion Samples Released!


It has now been a few days since people first got their hands on the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. One of the new features is it’s ability to shoot higher res slow motion at 1080p 120fps and a somewhat improved version of the 240fps at 720p with less artifacts.  We have found a few samples that may show you the quality of the slow motion modes in action.  It is clear from an initial perspective that 720p 240fps is higher resolution with less noise and aliasing artifacts and also that the 1080p 120fps mode while higher resolution it is not exactly the same quality as the 1080p video of the phone. There seems to be an apparent softness or slight resolution loss with heavier compression in this mode.    This however doesn’t detract much from the fact that both the 120fps and 240fps modes have been improved and that is a good thing.

iPhone 6s Sample Slowmo  Videos Below:

iPhone 6s Plus Slo-Mo (1080@120fps) by Royce Adkins:

iPhone 6S Slow Motion Video Popcorn test by Review Galore:

Dog VS Blower – iPhone 6S Slow Mo Test  by NintendoTalkToys:

iPhone 6s Slow Motion Test by C Murph:


iPhone timelapse slowmotion test by Nguyen Hoai Bao:

iPhone 6S Slow Motion Video Water Drop test by Review Galore:

Gray African Parrot in slow motion 720p 240fps – IPhone 6s by Ja:

iPhone 6s in 4k and Other Videos:

iPhone 6S Plus 4K Video Example by TechCrunch:

iPhone 6S Plus 4K Test by Alex Garland:


iPhone 6S Plus 4K and OIS test by Wojtek Pietrusiewicz:

IPhone 6s // 4k Video Footage Sample by tech2video:

iPhone 6s Plus 4K Video Sample – Take 2 by Terry White:

iPhone 6S Plus 4K Video VS GH4 by Geek Vie:

iPhone 6S 4K video Test New York City pt 1 by Koseyface:


iPhone 6S 4K low light Test NYC Part 2 by Koseyface:


How to 4K 6s Plus & Slow Mo 240fps Interface by Koseyface:


Some Video Notes: It will be apparent that a lot of the videos have macroblocking and pixelation especially in the shadow areas or on fast moving panning motion.  The Youtube compression is to blame for a lot of that. The final quality of these phones should only be judged by uncompressed files on a computer directly from the phone.  The Videos below shot by Philip Bloom and Matteo Bertoli  show a more realistic view of what the phone can do in capable hands and one has a download link for a 4k file so you can judge the quality!  However the shadow area macroblocks still show heavily and could be a problem with bitrate on the phone compression scheme.

Richmond sunset with the iPhone 6s 4K by  :

iPhone 6s Plus 4K CINEMATIC VIDEO by  :


In the end a pretty impressive showing, there will be tests done between the iPhone 6s and other competitors like the Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge Plus when it comes to 4k quality but rest assured the slow motion modes are better on the iPhone since the previous 6 model so the 6s when it comes to slow motion will be the phone benchmark when it comes to slow motion quality for now.

We’ll cover more developments about slow motion on this and other smartphones in the near future. Thank’s for reading!

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2 thoughts on “iPhone 6s Slow Motion Samples Released!”

  1. Wow! I wasn’t expecting the iphone 6S to have a noticeable 240 fps quality improvement over the iphone 6. It definitely looks a bit cleaner. I would get the iphone 6S but still waiting on word about the new ONO phone that boasts 480 fps at FHD. I guess will figure out in a couple days.

    1. Yes there are improvements but the market will heat up regarding mobile slow motion so while the 6s might be the best right now it could be a short reign on top!

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