Samsung Pulls the NX1 and GH4 Gets Post Focus!


Samsung has pulled out the German market with the Samsung NX1 camera for lack of adoption it seems or a big marketing failure. Will other markets be impacted in the future?  It is quite a capable camera with 4k video and 120fps Full HD recording which currently sits in #11 in our Camera Guide for slow motion on a budget.  While the line may continue in the future those prospects have become more doubtful in recent days with the announcement.  The good news is that the camera may be heavily discounted by years end getting you a great bang for your buck with pretty respectable slow motion capabilities for a mirror-less camera.

EOSHD has the detailed rundown on this NX1 story here!



The Panasonic GH4 will be getting an update soon with a new feature called “Post Focus” which takes basically a burst of images using the depth of defocus function and lets you select the one you want to keep.  There are some problems with this as this is not a Lytro Light Field style camera but a lens focus pull and push with separate exposures taken.  So there will be variations in the subject matter if they move or change between exposures no matter how fast they are captured.  It works best in good to bright lighting conditions like that of a sunny day or bright studio scene.    The update will come to the Panasonic GH4 in the coming months while next week it will be available for the  Lumix FZ300, G7 and GX8 cameras so be aware if you own one.  It is kind of a gimmick but it is close to having a light field camera function in your m43 system while imperfect and laggy but you just can’t have it all.  This new feature will not impact the video mode in any way and it is only geared for photo mode.

The Video by Panasonic below shows Post Focus in action:

Introducing LUMIX Post Focus Video:

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