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Photokina Expected Camera Announcements

Photokina 2016

We are just a couple of months away from Photokina 2016 which takes place from Sept 20-25th in Cologne Germany.  There are quite a few refresh expectations when it comes to cameras but there are also rumors of new announcements. As to what is solid and or dependable remains a mystery but rest assured there will be some good hardware presented.

For starters the updates to popular higher end camera lines in the Nikon, Canon, Sony and Panasonic lines should be announced with most of them sporting higher frame rates as specs. Continuous Phase Auto focus will continue to be a trend this year as more sensors support it. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Panasonic GH5 Rumor New Specs!


There seems to be a lot of interest as of late regarding the Panasonic GH4 successor. The GH5 as it is rumored to be called has to do a lot of things right in order to please current owners. For many the GH4 was the best Micro 4/3 camera ever produced; with crisp 4k video that seemed to push resolution so high that the Canon DSLRs stuck in 1080p land could only dream of.

The GH4 also introduced 96fps 1080p video which turned out to be better than 720p but hardly 1080p worthy. Furthermore it ignored recording audio in that mode which many cameras with higher frame rates like 120fps could keep the audio no problem. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Panasonic GH4 Post Focus FW & GH5 Rumors!


The Panasonic GH4 has been an incredible camera since it’s release. It has produced endless content for TV, the web and even some films. While slow motion tops at 96fps in this camera with limited resolution, it has a pretty strong 4k mode that has virtually no aliasing or moire artifacts.

The camera has not been left in the cold by Panasonic as firmware updates have been released with fair regularity including the V-Log update for extended dynamic range. However that update required a $100 software key to unlock that picture style.  The Latest update announced as version 2.5 now has the following features added. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Samsung Pulls the NX1 and GH4 Gets Post Focus!


Samsung has pulled out the German market with the Samsung NX1 camera for lack of adoption it seems or a big marketing failure. Will other markets be impacted in the future?  It is quite a capable camera with 4k video and 120fps Full HD recording which currently sits in #11 in our Camera Guide for slow motion on a budget.  While the line may continue in the future those prospects have become more doubtful in recent days with the announcement.  The good news is that the camera may be heavily discounted by years end getting you a great bang for your buck with pretty respectable slow motion capabilities for a mirror-less camera.

EOSHD has the detailed rundown on this NX1 story here! → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Panasonic Responds to V-Log L Activation Issues!


Yesterday a group of users of the Panasonic GH4 noticed that you could get V-Log L activated on the GH4 camera without paying for it by use of the Wifi Mobile device app and some tinkering.   At first it seemed like too good to be true but as some tests already have shown it is the real deal. However Panasonic already is working to correct the issue and has issued a statement on the matter.

While it was possible to do it be aware that the activation of this feature was not intended to be available this way and as Panasonic points out it can have repercussions in the operation of the Zebra and Histogram functions behaving erratically or not as expected. While many users were disappointed about the $99 price tag for the feature it is also encouraging to see many early adopters of the feature or the workaround buy the actual product as they like to support Panasonic in adding features to their cameras that are needed by professionals as in the case of V-Log. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

GH4 VLog Mode Will Cost You $99!


Back from vacation break “thanks for hanging in there” and not much has happened, we expect big news from Apple tomorrow but in the camera world everything has been subdued when it comes to news.    The Panasonic GH4 did get some news as the camera will now get the chance to be upgraded with V-Log high dynamic range flat profile mode but it comes at a $99 USD cost.  As to why this cost was added it’s anybody’s guess but we think it may have to do with protecting their higher end camera line by making the barrier of entry a little harder for GH4 owners.   We find it to be not too expensive but kind of a disappointment as a very small minority of the  user base will actually upgrade. Most people will not grade their footage with LUTs to get the color and contrast back to a usable level and would rather opt for the already pretty good profiles like Cinelike D and Cinelike V that come standard with the GH4.

As to the impact for the VLog update on the Panasonic GH4  you can expect a very flat profile and an increase in Dynamic Range from 10 stops standard to 12 stops in this mode.  Those blown out skies and cut off shadows will get more chance to shine now. → Continue Reading Full Post ←