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Canon C700 FF and RED EPIC-W Dual ISO do High Frame Rates!

With NAB 2018 getting near, new announcements are starting to trickle in.  The two newest are the Canon EOS C700 FF Full-Frame Cinema Camera & the RED DIGITAL CINEMA EPIC-W BRAIN with Gemini 5K S35 Sensor.  These two are serious cinema cameras aimed at recording in high-end codec formats and supporting RAW codecs.  Both cameras support higher frame rates but do not offer extreme high speeds like dedicated slow-motion cameras.

In the case of the RED EPIC-W with Gemini S35 sensor, it is the first time RED has used a dual Native ISO sensor like the ones seen on the Panasonic EVA1 and GH5s which have two different native sensitivities to deliver extremely clean footage with the widest dynamic range. Witha claimed 16.5 stops of dynamic range in standard mode & a gain of approximately two stops of light, from 800 to 3200 ISO without increasing the image noise. DPs of all kinds will savor these advances to shoot in dark situations knowing the output will be dependable. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

CANON EOS C700 AND XC15 Announced!


Canon has been in the news lately considering its 5D Mark IV refresh that gathered a lot of attention from it’s improvements in photo quality but shortcomings when it comes to video mode. Today they released a new Camera the Canon EOS C700 which is now at the top of their cinema line in both cost and features; the other is a refresh named the XC15 of last year’s XC10 which was a strange camera by any measure.

Both of these two new products by Canon have higher frame rates as options for recording which we monitor closely. There is a huge hurdle to get in on the C700with a $28,000 USD price tag without modules. The XC15 is much lower at the $2,399 USD MSRP mark. We dig in in what it means for slow motion shooters when it comes to this gear below → Continue Reading Full Post ←