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Chronos Camera m43 Lens Adapter with Speedbooster Support!

The two existing Chronos cameras, the 1.4c 720p at 1502fps & the Chronos 2.1 -HD 1t 1080p 1000fps are identical when seen from the outside but very different inside as they contain different sensor and memory boards. However one constant is that both use the C mount as the default for lens adapters. The camera usually comes with a Canon EF or Nikon F mount adapter depending on the buyer preference which screws on the C mount thread and allows for support of classic lenses from Macro to telephoto. 

One request from the community has been the support for other lens mounts like Micro 4/3ds which lets you adapt a variety of lens mounts and the much coveted speedbooster adapters which allow a 1 f-stop improvement in light gathering for micro 4/3ds systems. Today Krontech, the company behind the Chronos high-speed camera is introducing a passive Micro 4/3rds adapter for both the Chronos 1.4c and 2.1-HD and uses the body screw terminals near the lens thread mount to place a solid connection that allows such lenses. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Frog Tongue Science in Slow Motion!

Frog Tongue Science

A new study released by Georgia Tech led by Alexis Noel, Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. student at that institution has revealed the hidden nature and mechanics of how frogs use their squishy and sticky tongues to eat their prey. With acceleration forces  reaching 12 Gs these prey experiment over 4x that of astronauts in a rocket leaving the atmosphere at 3 Gs.

With the use of high speed video cameras  at over 1,000fps the study was able to reveal the complex motion, eye retraction and viscous properties of the frog’s elastic tongue while catching prey.  The frog uses a mucus like substance on the tongue to generate the stickiness necessary to envelop the insect prey without ejecting them off from the brutal speed and force generated.

Congratulations to Alexis for harnessing the power of high speed to unearth the secrets of amphibian eating habits.  We hear that she is also working on feline tongues for the future including a tiger’s tongue.

You can find the full Georgia Tech Article below that goes in depth about the findings.

Full Article: http://www.rh.gatech.edu/features/eating-blink-eye

Frog Tongue Science in Slow Motion – Georgia Tech’s Action Footage from Experiments:

Reversible saliva makes frog tongues sticky Alexis Noel Georgia Tech:

Giant monkey frog captures prey: Alexis Noel Georgia Tech:

South American horned frog by Alexis Noel Georgia Tech:

Leopard frog snares cricket by Alexis Noel Georgia Tech:

Glass frog wrestles with cricket and wins by Mark Mandica Georgia Tech:

Northern leopard frog snatches prey in midair by Alexis Noel Georgia Tech: