Xperia XZs Ships & New SlowMo Samples!

Xperia XZs

The Xperia XZs which is the lower spec phone that supports Motion Eye 960fps by Sony is now shipping and available for ordering.  At $699 it is not a really cheap phone but it is nowhere near the $800+ of flagship phones from Apple and Samsung. It is still under-powered compared to the latest Galaxy S8 release but where it counts for us the Slow Motion feature it is on a class of it’s own.

The quality is pretty remarkable for a phone and while the duration of recording is under 1 second, it translates to 40 seconds playback in a 24p timeline. Resolution is stated at 720p and while the frame is really that size, there is some subdued aliasing and moire in extreme detail which means Sony is removing some line information to get 960fps.

The end quality is still probably the best slow motion feature of any smartphone to date.  This is a milestone in performance due to the clever Sony DRAM+Sensor implementation of the Motion Eye system. This is the same technology as our favorite camera last year the Sony RX100 V; but reduced to a much smaller sensor package for phones. We estimate the technology will continue to evolve and Sony as of now remains on the forefront of the feature. Their tech demo already shows 1080p at 1000fps which will probably surface on a high end phone when the technology is allowed to see the light of day.

Xperia  Xzs & XZ Premium New Slow Motion Samples:

It is of note that the slow motion quality on either the XZs and or XZ Premium will be identical as they share the same camera module, sensor and lens. If you just need the slow motion and do not care for extra speed, better build quality and water protection then the XZs is a cheaper alternative with all the slow motion prowess.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Features 960fps Slow Motion Cutting Effects 2 by Slow Motion Man:

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Features 960fps Hopper bounce Effect by Slow Motion Man:

Sony Experia XZs @960fps (from skateboarding in Utrecht, Holland) by Weervideos:

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Features 960fps 720p Bottle Breaking Effects by Slow Motion Man:

Khám phá camera Motion Eye trên Xperia XZs: Slow motion 960fps by Schannel:

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Features 960fps Motion Eye How Slow Motion Effects by Slow Motion Man:

Sony XZ Premium vs Xperia XZs 960fps by Guru smartphones:

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Features 960fps Slow Motion 720p Best Effects 3 by Slow Motion Man:

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Features 960fps Slow Motion Effects hdr 2 by Slow Motion Man:

There you have it, the Xperia XZs & XZ Premium phones do pack some serious slow motion prowess.  Be sure to check out the channels of these video creators to support them.  You can order the Xperia XZs from Amazon here!

Youtube Channels Covering the Xperia XZs & Premium:
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6 thoughts on “Xperia XZs Ships & New SlowMo Samples!”

  1. Judging just resolution, would you say the 960 fps is better quality than the 960 fps in the RX100V in Quality mode?

    1. While the RX100 V lens and compression are clearly better, the image the Xperia delivers has less line loss which results in slightly higher resolution. It is very near 1280*720p while the RX is 1244*420px. Color reproduction, noise and compression is clearly better in the RX100 V plus you get all the other frame rates at higher resolution which makes the RX a better value for sure.

      1. True. Would you say the effective resolution is better than the Iphone 6’s 240 fps footage? Cause I think the Iphone 6’s 240 fps footage was more like 480P than 720P.

        1. No question both phones are not true 720p but the Sony Xperia is closer to the spec. The iPhone shows more aliasing and moire. So we see the Xperia to be about 10 15% more resolution which is not huge but noticeable. The Xperia XZs is now the #1 slow motion phone on our guide.

  2. I just don’t get it why Sony get’s a clever integration of SlowMo in the new Xperia XZs(premium) and in same time make’s it so cumbersome to use on the expensive RX10/100 product line.

    1. While it is more cumbersome as you state the RX series have more diverse features like near 1080p 240fps and intermediate frame rates like 480fps. In practice it is not that hard to work with the mode. The Phone is point and shoot with almost no control as the camera is very restricted in it’s interface. It should get better over time.

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