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Panasonic GH4 Post Focus FW & GH5 Rumors!


The Panasonic GH4 has been an incredible camera since it’s release. It has produced endless content for TV, the web and even some films. While slow motion tops at 96fps in this camera with limited resolution, it has a pretty strong 4k mode that has virtually no aliasing or moire artifacts.

The camera has not been left in the cold by Panasonic as firmware updates have been released with fair regularity including the V-Log update for extended dynamic range. However that update required a $100 software key to unlock that picture style.  The Latest update announced as version 2.5 now has the following features added. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Sony a6300 delivers 4k Plus 120fps FHD Slowmo!


The Sony a6000 was a good middle of the line performer with pretty competitive performance. The new a6300 is a refined version with some pretty robust improvements in the video area.

For starters the 4k 30p, 24p, 25p video internal mode records in the robust XAVC-S video format at up to 100Mbps which is comparable to what the Panasonic GH4 and a7s II cameras record 4k into.  It also has S-Log3 Gamma for a flat profile for creative grading and LUT application for editors and colorists.   If you were looking for a Sony 4k alternative in an S35 crop sensor then this is the camera for you.   Furthermore the 4k mode is using the entire S35 frame and correctly down-sampling the image for extremely crisp looking 4k video from a 6k original sensor source. → Continue Reading Full Post ←