fps1000HD Software Update Ads USB3!

fps1000HD Software Update

Warning: The parent company of FPS cameras “The Slow Motion Camera Company Ltd.” went out of business and entered liquidation proceedings. No further development of cameras is expected. More information here on Google Search

The fps1000HD camera has been shipping to the majority of the Kickstarter backers and initially it was limited in scope to a specific ISO, frame rate and other common settings.  That all changes with the latest firmware update which unleashes ISO, resolution selection, and USB3 support for live monitoring , control and real time video transfer up to 60fps.

While the software is still not downloadable it will be in a few days when a few bugs have been squashed. All owners of the fps1000HD will be able to upgrade their cameras and all future shipped cameras will also have the new firmware.

fps1000HD Software Update:

Below is the update by Graham Rowan explaining the features that will be available once the software is upgraded:

“New Software Release

I’m sorry for the delay in getting this update out – I was waiting until everything was complete but I realize that this never seems to come!

I have been working on a new software release which will enable the full functionality of the fps1000HD. Most of this is complete but I am still working on one piece which will allow you to exploit this functionality to the full (see below).

First, the new software provides the following new features:

ISO Control

There are now 4 ISO settings. As well as the standard 100, there are now 300, 600 and 1200 settings. The more sensitive settings allow the camera to be used in lower light conditions. However, as always, these settings will not be as good in terms of noise as the standard 100 setting. It is always best to use the best lighting possible but this does provide flexibility now where good lighting is not possible and the extra noise can normally be compensated for in post production.

Bee – fps1000HD 1280 x 720 @ 1,000fps 50% exposure by Graham Rowan:

Resolution and frame rate control

The following resolutions and frame rates are now supported:

  • 1280 x 720 @1,000fps
  • 1280 x 600 @1,200fps
  • 1280 x 540 @1,300fps
  • 1280 x 480 @1,500fps
  • 1280 x 420 @1,700fps
  • 1280 x 360 @2,000fps
  • 1280 x 300 @2,400fps
  • 1280 x 240 @3,000fps
  • 1280 x 180 @4,000fps
  • 1280 x 120 @5,000fps
  • 1280 x 60   @10,000fps
  • 640 x 360 @4,000fps
  • 640 x 300 @6,000fps
  • 640 x 180 @8,000fps
  • 640 x 120 @10,000fps
  • 640 x 60   @20,000fps

These are settable via the user LCD touch screen.

USB3 Interface

This is probably the most powerful feature opening the fps1000HD up to a range of new applications.

The USB3 interface offers 2 main functions.

Firstly, it allows the camera to be controlled from a host computer. For many applications the compact, hand-held camera is most suitable – where you want to be on the move and be prepared to snap anything that moves. However, many applications are in a controlled environment where the camera is set up on a mount focused on a fixed target. In many such applications the ability to control the camera remotely is required – for example filming explosions. You can now send commands over the USB3 interface to control all aspects of the camera. Everything that is available from the touch screen is now available via the USB3 interface.

But the most powerful features are enabled by the streaming functionality of the USB3 from the camera to host computer. Video can be streamed from the camera and viewed live on a computer screen. This offers the advantages of a USB3 camera but with the added benefit of the high speed image capture into the in-camera memory. The streaming of image data is at standard video rates (30-60fps) and is not required to be at full video speed as is normal with most USB cameras.

There are many use cases for this streaming of video data. First it can allow remote live preview of the target. This, in conjunction with the USB3 control feature described above, means the camera can truly be used in a remote situation. It also allows the host computer to be used as a live preview monitor. The live preview is available before and during image capture.

Next, the playback in slow motion of captured images can be performed via the streaming interface. This also allows movement back and forth through the captured images at any speed to locate clips of interest. This mimics the interface available via the LCD touch screen.

Finally, the fast streaming of captured data means that images can be saved also at real video playback speeds. This is orders of magnitude faster than saving images onto the SD card. Raw video can now be played back and saved at high speed.

I’m really happy to have finally implemented the features that I knew the USB3 interface would bring. All cameras already shipped have the necessary hardware to make all this possible with the latest software update.

Alfie 3 fps1000HD by Graham Rowan:

Software Status

The new software is fully implemented with just a few minor bugs to be ironed out. The USB3 interface is fully functional with the streaming initially running at 30fps. This will be increased with subsequent software releases – there is a lot of extra bandwidth available.

I will be providing a host side application to allow camera control and view streamed video. This is in an advanced stage and should be available next month. Initially PC support will be provided but Mac and Linux support is planned as well.

If anyone wants to use the USB3 control interface with their own applications then please contact me and I will give you the list of USB3 control codes.

Shipping Status

With the new software complete in the next few days I will be shipping out the remainder of the cameras to those who haven’t received their’s yet. I will also be sending out the new software to existing users. I have started on a download area of the website but will need to spend more time on this after the software release is out.”

We will keep you updated with fps1000HD and other cameras in the fps1000 roster once more information is released. – HSC

You can look at the specs and order an fps1000HD if so you choose at the: http://theslowmotioncameracompany.com

fps1000HD – the low cost high frame rate camera Campaign Video:


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9 thoughts on “fps1000HD Software Update Ads USB3!”

  1. This is an interesting camera. However I have been following this for over a year. Has ANYONE actually received, used, and got what they expected ??? Better yet, got their money’s worth???

    I now see a new company called Slow motion something which has even higher speed cameras. Again, however, there are ZERO reviews.

    Every time I read an article it starts with “we gonna ship next month”. Sounds like a scam to me. Sorry. Well not sorry.

    1. There are several owners that have been using their fps1000HD cameras for a couple of months. Every Kickstarter project has an element of risk, however both the fps1000 project and the Chronos 1.4 have been above norm in delivering on their promises. However we are also expecting word on the original fps1000 project as we are waiting a 4k camera here. Every Kickstarter project is a gamble and putting money in them can result in a product not being fulfilled. We still however think both of these projects will honor their commitments, fps1000HD has shipped most cameras and Chronos 1.4 is nearing shipment of the first batch.

      However if you can’t afford to put money down for a project like this then absolutely don’t. None of these are Scams as you say but high end electronics projects that are trying to lower the entry price for the technology by several orders of magnitude.

  2. Howdy – If anyone has this camera, I would love to connect with you bc I have this camera and need the software that came with the camera. My software is currently not working so great. Thank you so much.

  3. Hello Cameron me too. The fps1000hd.exe have a lot of crashes and i can’t retrieve images from the slowmo fps4000.
    Admin can you provide me an library to write an homemade tool?
    Thank you

    1. Since the project is now defunct, it will be a nearly impossible task to get a stable software version. Maybe a motivated programmer in a university could build a stable version as a project and then share it as a learning exercise!

  4. It is a shame that Graham Rowan was unable to make the mark with his fps1000 camera objective. It always felt to me as Rowan overextended himself with the original campaign being so successful; thus, adding all those darn stretch goals. I did not originally back the kickstarter event as I feared each stretch goal made the outcome less and less probable of ever completing the project. Once Rowan assured me the fps1000 sliver was a ‘for-sure’ working thing I ordered a set of those through his “fps1000.backerkit.com” webpage storefront; thus, I was under total assurance from Rowan that soon as a set was built that they would ship ready for stereoscopic use. Unfortunately after he got my money I got excuse after excuse of it being delayed due to ongoing improvements that where supposedly worth waiting for. I do believe Rowan had the best intent and that good intention doomed him of reaching a conclusion other than liquidation.

    I believe the FSP1000 failed only because the continually stretching for one step better allowed the project to get away from him and become unreachable. If he would have locked down and finished the original intended project as first proposed before all the stretch-goals then I believe the original promised product would have made shipment.

    I was really was rooting for Rowan to see this through. It is a shame that when he went under that source-code and other data was not released for those that did get hardware to have a chance on fixing things up.

    My next attempt at a set of synchronized high speed cameras is going to be through some sort of source that has something validated and ready to ship within 30 days of the order placement.

    1. Agreed, over-extending the goals proved to be the wrong approach, a simplified initial camera should have been achieved first. His idea was great which is being kind of used in the WAVE camera by leveraging flash memory for high speed capture. Good luck on your new endeavors.

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