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Sony A7S II 120fps Slow Motion Quality Tests!


The Sony A7S II had a lot to live up to considering low light performance and it has so far been exceptional. But the question about slow motion quality lingered as to a new Spec of 1080p 120fps would perform compared to the previous 720p 120fps and to regular 1080p 60 video.   New video tests have surfaced that show how good and or limited the new slow motion spec is on this camera. Many will be satisfied with just the 4k video at astounding levels of ISO which short of the Canon ME20F-SH with 4 million ISO it is the best second option with more resolution at a Max ISO of 409,600.

The Slow motion spec seems to be somewhat limited in quality compared to normal video on the Sony A7S II with a reported 20Mbit/sec for 120fps which is the 100Mbit/sec camera spec stretched 5x to playback at 24p.  20 Mbit is’t that bad considering it is 1080p and the artifacts are well controlled. There are some here and there including some compression macro-blocks if you search for them but for the vast majority of users the camera has a very good slow motion mode built in; albeit at 120fps as it will go no further up the frame rate scale. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

TheVideoMode Has Leica SL and a7s II Previews!

The folks of TheVideoMode.com  have had some time with the new Leica SL Typ 601 and the Sony A7s Mark II.  Some videos showing the interface for accessing the slow motion interface have been posted on their site.  There is also a slow motion low light sample of the A7s Mark II at 120fps for you to watch.

A7s Mark II – Preview Page at TheVideoMode.com! → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Sony A7S II Boosts Slow Motion Mode and 4k!


Sony today has announced a pretty important pair of products the Sony A7s II and the Sony FS5 Pro Model. On the one hand video producers that adopted the Sony A7s last year due to it’s impressive dynamic range and extreme low light ability at up to ISO 409,600; were in a bind as recording 4k with the camera needed an external recorder in order to do it.  It also had no sensor image stabilization which is a very useful feature.  Not anymore the newly announced Sony A7s II has internal 4k with S-Log 3 flat profile mode and it also boosts last years 120fps at 720p to Full HD and full sensor readout 1080p at 120fps.   From the samples the quality seems impressive and artifact free, it will be a matter of looking at non Sony samples to see if the quality is that good in the 120fps FHD mode.

A7s II Main Features: → Continue Reading Full Post ←