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WASP 100-C Kickstarter Light for Slowmo!

WASP 100-C Kickstarter Light

Hive lighting is just 8 days away from finishing their Kickstarter campaign for the WASP 100-C light. Their 35k USD goal was broken easily and now nearing $360k USD it seems they will have no trouble selling these lights like hotcakes.  However you can still get one of these lights which is ideal for slow motion recording because of their flicker free nature. High quality LED lights have no flicker due to their continuous power nature. Even at extreme frame rates of 20000+fps these lights should be able to stay flicker free for recording.

Hive does professional event and cinema lights and the WASP 100-C is no compromise on their quality. For $849 you can still get an early bird WASP 100-C single light kit which is effectively $200 USD off from the final retail price. That is if you back it before the campaign is due to close in 8 days. → Continue Reading Full Post ←

Panasonic DVX200 Release Date Nears!


There is a lot of expectation for the release of the Panasonic DVX200 4k camera. It has been proclaimed as a true professional tool that will last the test of time among other superlatives.  What intrest us most is that the camera will offer the ability to shoot 60p at 4k and 120fps at full 1080p HD.  While non of the frame rates are what we would call groundbreaking; they do serve the vast majority of the video production crowd with the most usable aspects of overcrank for sports and shooting techniques relying on fast panning motion and action shots.

While there is still a blackout of shots at 120fps there have been a few 4k released shots that show what the pre-production cameras are capable of.  The performance of the Micro 4/3 sensor and the built in Leica 13x f/2.8 – f/4.5 Lens seems to be very good.  The samples however show Dynamic range which is rated at 12 stops in the specs to be close to what a GH4 with VLOG can produce. Since these are pre production shots you cannot base the final image quality of the camera from these samples but the quality is there and it can only go up from here.  As for low light abilities it will remain to be seen but if you expect Sony A7s quality you are barking at the wrong tree. It should perform close or better than what the Lumix GH4 is able to do. The camera should be released sometime in October this year with a MSRP of $5000 USD. → Continue Reading Full Post ←