fps1000 HD Kickstarter October Progress Report!

fps1000 HD Update Progress October 2016

Warning: The parent company of FPS cameras “The Slow Motion Camera Company Ltd.” went out of business and entered liquidation proceedings. No further development of cameras is expected. More information here on Google Search

Graham Rowan the creator of the fps1000 HD high speed camera project and founder of the Slow motion camera company Ltd. has posted a big progress report that backers of the project have anticipated for a few weeks.  It is now reported that the campaign funds have been released by Kickstarter and can be applied to fulfill component orders.

Rowan has been busy building the component assembly pipeline and securing part orders from PCBs to sensors and memory.  According to the update fps1000 HD cameras should begin shipping with near certainty by the end of November or early December this year.

The full update quoted below:

fps1000 HD Progress Report by Graham Rowan:

“The past 2 weeks has been a busy time for me, ordering parts, talking to suppliers and preparing for production.

Today is a key milestone in the process of getting the fps1000HD delivered to backers. Today I received the funds from the kickstarter campaign. Over the last 2 weeks I have prepared as much as I can for production. I have ordered PCBs already – these were on the critical path as nothing can be built without them. These were delivered today. The rest of the components for the production run have been ordered but could not be delivered until paid for. The most critical of these parts are the memories and sensors – these are sole sourced and key to the product. These have been secured and waiting for payment before being delivered. The other key production item is the metalwork for the case. This has also been ordered.


So today I have been able to make payment for parts allowing them to be released. I expect to have all components delivered to the factory by the end of the month (October). Production of the cameras will take about 3 weeks from then. All being well I should have completed cameras back before the end of November which should allow shipments to backers to begin ahead of schedule.

Thank you all again for backing this project. I’m looking forward to getting cameras into your hands. There won’t be much to report now until the end of November when I should be getting completed cameras back from the factory, but if there’s anything to report in the meantime I will post an update before.” – GR


What about the original fps1000 Kickstarter Campaign?

Graham rowan also posted the following update on the original campaign today. Quoted below:

“I have just posted an update on the fps1000HD project. I have received funds from the new Kickstarter which has allowed me to place orders for the production of more cameras. As promised, this also means I am able to increase the production rate of cameras to satisfy original backers of this project.

I thank you for your ongoing patience and will continue to work towards fulfilling your orders.” -GR


HSC – Original orders of the fps1000 cameras including the fps1000 platinum, HEX and 4k should ramp up in development and ultimate production with these funds. The key here is that most of the components are shared across these cameras and the fps1000 HD project so there is better economies of scale when it comes to ordering camera parts from suppliers.  We hope to see many shipments by the end of the year on both projects at this rate.  The funding cements the ability for the fps1000 orders to be fulfilled and to make a further stride into remaining a viable company going forward.

We will have more information about the fps1000 and other projects / high speed cameras as it becomes available. 

More information about the fps1000 HD and future models at: http://theslowmotioncameracompany.com/

You can see one of the original Kickstarter project cameras being used in the Will It Crush? Youtube channel!

Can Biscuits Save Your Life? | fps1000 Platinum Slow Motion by Will It Crush?:

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