fps1000HD Production Status + Double the Memory!

fps1000HD Production Line!

Warning: The parent company of FPS cameras “The Slow Motion Camera Company Ltd.” went out of business and entered liquidation proceedings. No further development of cameras is expected. More information here on Google Search

The latest update from the fps1000 camera front shows the production line of sensor boards with memory and other parts. Production is ongoing and cameras are on schedule to start shipping to Kickstarter Backers next week or Dec 12-18+.  This is on schedule as planned and after testing and quality control they should start reaching buyers by the end of the month which is a welcome development.

The other update is that due to flash memory chips having density increases on the same die; the fps1000HD cameras will now be shipped with 256GB of fast Flash memory instead of the  128GB initially planned at no extra cost to the buyer.  This effectively increases recording time from 1 minute to a full 2 minutes which is an eternity in slow motion cameras.

To put this in perspective; it is effectively yielding 4,000 seconds or 66 minutes played back at 30fps when recording at 1000fps 720p. Which could jump to 4 hours playback time at 30p by lowering resolution and shooting at 4,000fps.  This could be extremely exciting for production lines that take several minutes for a specific segment of the line.

fps1000HD Update By Graham Rowan:

“Production Status

During the last month production of the fps1000HD cameras has been progressing well. I have started to receive back completed cameras ready for final assembly and test. This is on schedule for December deliveries – in fact shipments will start next week.

I have attached some pictures from our sub-contract production company which may be of interest.

fps1000HD Sensor boards ready for assembly

Memory Bonus (For Free)

Since the production of the first fps1000HD prototypes the market has moved on in terms of memory technology and the camera was designed to accommodate such improvements. When I came to order the components for this production run I was delighted to find that I was able to buy 256GBit memory chips for the same price as the original 128GBit chips. So all cameras will now be shipped with 256GBytes of memory at no extra cost. This doubles the record time to 2 minutes. The product will be renamed the fps1000HD-256. You don’t need to do anything – you will receive your camera with the upgraded memory.

I will post another update in about a week to tell you how things are going.” –Update END!

fps1000HD Boards are X-Rayed to check for shorts or poor solder joints
fps1000HD – Through hole components being hand soldered
fps1000HD Production Line!
Pick and place machine assembling the surface mount components on a motherboard

HSC: There you have it… cameras being built, tested and shipped very soon. fps1000HD owners will probably have some cameras by Christmas which is in line with the campaign timeline expectations.  This will of course accelerate the outstanding development of other fps1000 camera models which are very close to being finalized as well.  We will have more information of the fps1000 line of cameras as it becomes available.

For more information about the fps1000 HD be sure to visit: http://theslowmotioncameracompany.com/

fps1000HD Kickstarter campaign Video!


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4 thoughts on “fps1000HD Production Status + Double the Memory!”

  1. I really can’t recommend ordering a camera from him. We ordered one fps1000hd from him about 1.5 years ago and still did not receive it!!! And he is also no honest seller. You get just lies from him. He always tells you that you will get the camera the next week for months and years, again and again and absolutely nothing happens.

    1. As with any Kickstarter project, there are risks including ship dates being moved. Graham has repeatedly stated that all orders will be fulfilled with the new strategy. However, it is disheartening to see how long some buyers have been waiting for. We are still waiting for a camera as well!

  2. Yes it was clear to us that we probably have to wait for the camera. With such projects this can happen. That’s something you have to keep in mind, but actually I don’t think that this is the main problem. The main problem seems to be rather that orders for more expensive cameras seem to have higher priority (as ordering components requires quite a lot of cash). And I really don’t like to be a customer of second class with an order of lowest priority just because the camera is the least expensive one.

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