Sony a6500 Slow Motion and Overheating!

Sony a6500 Slow Motion

The Sony a6500 came as a big surprise to a6300 owners in that their camera was loosing value overnight in the secondary market to a near identical close with a touch screen and IBIS stabilization.  However the camera has still not reached the hands of many pre order customers but we were able to find a few insights on the 120fps full HD slow motion mode.

The quality should be very similar to the a6300 since the sensor is identical but with slight improvements in the dynamic range and color pipeline should yield a slight increase in per pixel definition. The compression should be very close with the XAVC-S codec at 21Mbps at 24p and or 50Mbps at 60p with easily selectable formats.

The interface has been improved and the videos below show the dynamics into getting to those presets  quickly in the field.  It will not be a top of the line slow motion camera with the lack of 240fps and up but it is a respectable 120fps full HD option with internal stabilization which means your lenses be it old and non electronic will now be able to use this stabilizer to better get the shot.

Sony a6500 Slow and Quick Motion Videos:

SONY a6500 Slow & Quick Motion by SonyCenter:

Sony A6500 Slow motion by FatTech:

Is there still overheating in the a6500? 

One of the main issues on the a6300 camera was the tendency to overheat when recording footage especially in 4k.  However the test below by Newsshooter shows that the a6xxx overheating might be a thing of the past.  The camera reached the 29min 59 second clip length which is the factory limit and did not overheat. However the a6300 even with the latest firmware overheated just past the 12 minute mark.   This is great news for a6500 prospective buyers.

Sony a6500 overheating test vs a6300 by Newsshooter:

We will get more samples from the Sony a6500 and other cameras as they become available. Thanks for reading- HSC!

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