GH5 Slow Motion New Quality Footage!

GH5 Slow Motion

The Panasonic GH5 has been the camera darling of early 2017 for video enthusiasts and the addition of 120fps, 150fps and 180fps full HD was one of the most awaited features for the camera. Earlier footage showed a decrease in image quality when using higher frame rates on the camera and the appearance of moire and aliasing was evident. It was still far better than what the GH4s 96fps mode was able to do.

Recent new footage has re-examined the slow motion VFR mode and while there is a drop in quality the 180fps mode is still usable for many applications due to it retaining a lot of detail compared to other cameras.  The image is loosing quite a lot of resolution in the vertical so it will not be true full HD when you compare with the up to 60fps mode.

GH5 New Slow Motion Footage:

Panasonic GH5 | Variable Frame Rate – 96fps, 120fps, 180fps quality comparison by Osamu Hasegawa Films:

Panasonic Lumix GH5 180fps 1080p test | Standard Profile Ungraded by KnightVision:

Panasonic GH5 180fps Snow Test by Groovoost Inc.:

Pre-Production Panasonic GH5 Slow Motion – 180fps by FuzeDzn:

Panasonic GH5 – 180fps Champagne by Osamu Hasegawa Films:

The Panasonic GH5 camera is shaping out to be the choice of many budget film makers and video enthusiasts due to it’s 4k 10 bit capabilities and up to 50/60p in 4k as well.

You are getting true 96, 120, 150 and 180fps in full HD modes with quality degrading the higher you go. The sweet spot seems to be 120p where aliasing is less pronounced and the lowest quality unsurprisingly is the 180fps VFR mode.  Still the quality that the camera delivers is above HD 720p in resolution terms but not true full HD due to line loss.  The camera is throwing line information to cope with the data rate and or heat requirements.

The VFR quality will probably be identical in the shipping version and will probably not get tweaked from now on so you can make your judgement of the slow motion mode today.  The GH5 will be added to our Camera Guide soon once it is readily available. -HSC

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10 thoughts on “GH5 Slow Motion New Quality Footage!”

  1. Hello.
    I am glad, that there is a now glorious combination of smoothness and detail (2160p at 60fps) and a balance between 1080p at 120fps and 240fps, which is 180fps to beat the iPhone’s 120fps is now also available.
    We were already disappointed by the crippled FZ1000 of 2014, where HFR modes were removed for the final firmware. But how about the GH5? Does it support 720p at 480fps or 480p at 960fps or something like that?

      1. That was quick.
        am looking forward to it.
        Let’s see, whether we have a timed limitation or not in that case.
        Additionally, I wonder, why sometimes, some phones with identical or similar hardware performance specifications are limited to different video resolutions or framerates.

        1. We have posted our update! It looks to be limited to 1 second. It is a step in the right direction but a first demonstration of their new stacked sensor technology. Their latest iteration should be able to do 4 seconds at full 1080p 1000fps. We’ll have to wait for a phone that does this from Sony or other manufacturers using the Sony Stacked technology!

          1. Great thanks for your information.
            I really enjoyed reading your articles, and I am looking forward to more high framerate booming cameras. I am glad, that Sony forces it’s competition to upgrade, so that we will see more exciting updates. Maybe, we will see the first 720p@480fps or 1080p@240fps smartphone ﴾no time limitation﴿ on the market.

          2. Thanks for your support, we strive to get the information out there. Smartphones are evolving into super computers and capture video in ways we could only dream of just 5 years ago. We expect the trend to continue to offer better resolution and frame rates. After all slowmo is a selling point of these devices!

    1. In our footage comparison, we see them very comparable with the a6500 winning in low light noise performance and dynamic range by a slight margin. Detail wise both cameras seem to be identical at 120fps 1080p. The GH5 above 120fps which it does at 150 and 180fps reduces quality considerably.

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